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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Post #1: On the Drug war v.s. T.J. Burke

Original Comment:

Putting the "Special" into Specialized Courts

My Response: " If you're a drug dealer and your caught distributing illegal narcotics then it's unlikely you're going to a Drug Treatment Court."

Why have the only 'drug dealers' I've heard of being taken down in NB are the two our cops allowed to be burnt out of house and home and potentially beaten to death (1), rather than dealing with the situation?

How are our police so continuously inept, are the policies of Los Angeles in the 80s being replicated here in NB?

It seems like the power given to LEO to search and use drug dogs, like you love to parade in front of submissive airline passengers and frightened teenagers, would be enough to track and take down the big drug honchos?

But, then again - our troops are propping up the growers (2, 3), why shouldn't the legal system be coddling the importers and upstream dealers?