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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bruce Report: Fascism 10.04.08

Comment on the Bruce Report:

"But I have never used the word “fascist” to describe a democratically elected representative in this or any other jurisdiction of Canada. And I never will."

Surprise, surprise - another main $tream journalist gives the 4th Reich (1) another pass while they overtly decimate the populace.

"And, having been labelled as one, will I think twice about opening my mouth the next time a sacred cow gets led to the slaughterhouse?"

Please spare us - our media personalities have either been bamboozled or complicit in the perpetration of every state sponsored crime of late, it seems, i.e.:

- The obsequious retooling of our Armed forces to assist in Bush co's wars.
- Covering up child rape in Prisons and Churches across Canada
- Insane bottom-up policing in the Nixonian drug war

The mass media's acceptance of superficial inquiries and the lumping of blame on a few political Oswalds (i.e. Andy Scott, circa 1997) is no small part of why the information revolution is occurring far from the corporo-fascist run newsrooms.

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