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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hooton and her beliefs

On her belief in Saint Johnners, and love of oil money. (Source)
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My response:
That's the most pathetic thing I've seen coming out of NB corporofascism in a long time.

Good luck when they start repossessing your citizens wealth to pay off accumulated paper debt and you keep pushing this arrogant Bermudan skullduggery.

At least leave the water where it is, Hooton - could you at least stop and think about more than just the next election and your backers purse if you win this one?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Andrew Krystal, 911 & Afghanistan

My response (0) to Andrew Krystal's MacKay or the Highway blog post; this is what got me rilled up:
Lt.-Col. Gordon Corbould, the new battle group commander, and Sgt. Tim Seeley, a civilian-military co-operation officer for Canada’s Provincial Reconstruction Team, were quoted Thursday by The Globe and Mail as saying that channels were being opened to moderate the Taliban.

Other officials in Kandahar, who spoke privately, backed up the military’s assessment, calling it creative thinking.

But MacKay, who told the Canadian Press on Friday that those same officials don’t speak for the federal government, took pains Saturday to reiterate Ottawa’s position.

“We are not talking to the Taliban. We are not having direct discussions with terrorists. We won’t, will not, that will not change,” MacKay said. He went on to also say that only government determines policy – not the military.

Good for Peter.
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The main thing these putative terrorists were supposed to have done is harbor a particular 911 actor. May I just remind you that Been Ladden hasn't been named officially as wanted for the 3 towers that fell that day.

You pundits did a good deal of bumbling, adding to the ease with which we were duped into the resultant mess. I suggest you fade back at this juncture - if our commanders on the ground determine our situation is untenable and needs reasonable-minded concession to the former occupants of a country whose fate went from bad to worse the minute our soldiers boots hit the ground, so be it.

This type of thing we're seeing (consistent guerrilla success) only happens when a group has wide societal support - whether it be from oppressed leaving Bushist Saudi Arabia, or simply the result of a geography (1, 2), it's still a bad war. Moreover, how do cheaper Heroin prices (3) and increasing number of victims (4), as well as continued torture (5) square with the argument that we're bringing peace or democracy to a nation callously destroyed 28+ years ago by our US allies (6).

Do you really think the combined military power of the west wasn't enough to stop a bunch of scraggly, cave-dwelling fundamentalists? I personally find it hard to accept the admitted 911-highjacker/US-military links (7), interceptor / radar breakdown, insider Airline stock trading (8) and host of other unexplained indications (9) of Reichstagian conspiracy.

Better give this up soon, 911/war apologists - there is no positive take on what happens in Afghanistan and Iraq until well after we stop using B-52s as and ethnic relocation as the tools of Democracy building. The (truth of 911) is apparent to far too many (i.e. 10) to maintain or replenish support for wars of unconscionable corporofascist aggression.

Jeez - you'd think with hellfire drones, satellites and the array of equipment our tax dollars have funded, we could have gotten the right terrorists on the first shot - Tom Clancy sure had us fooled into thinking we could.

I find it hard to believe the Bushist military prowess is really so bad that they could funnel trillions into this and still turn up so incompetent - I refuse to believe our soldiers messed this mission up so badly themselves.

Furthermore, our press has entirely dropped the ball, save for a few brave souls like Dan Rather, Gary Webb and Helen Thomas. Their collusion (i.e. only embedded reporting) in the atrocities of the past 7 years puts some of them in the league of Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld. The biggest players of western propaganda like O'Rilley and others at Fox (and other corporate kitty-liter) should hold their heads high with Bush Jr & Senior as they take their long-overdue fall for the abhorrent power / resource / territory grab, of the sort not seen since the days of Prescott and Hitler.

But, if you feel continued obsequiousness in your Main $tream media is the best way to serve our troops, and can live with the consequences, then I guess you're free to keep doing it, unlike your Afghani brethren (11). I'd say you're just digging a deeper hole to climb yourselves out of when (hopefully) go back to at least feigned impartiality by news media, and punditry based on veracity, rather than stolidly misinformed partisanship.