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Thursday, June 26, 2008

War is Hell on the Burton Front

In response to "Could, Would, Should: The Battlecry of the Sissies

We are living in a time of great fear, the fear of doing the right thing.
If people truly cared about their fellow man, a mighty military force could, would and should invade Zimbabwe and overthrow the Mugabe regime. That won't happen because that could harm the environment.
Blogger Awareness said...

The silence on this issue is frightening. Why isn't there a battlecry?

Dan F (censored):

A hardcore 'conservative' Christian bigot and a wishy-washy bleeding heart both think it wise to send Canadian boys off to die for more oil / UN genocide?

I trust you can both find your ways to the recruiting center - for yourselves and your children.

Load yourselves down with Bibles and Prozac - see how much good they do after you torture some kids and blow away a few 'insurgents'.

Who's going to rescue our 'democracy' from diebold elections and the private mercenary armies that have been created by this incessant war-mongering, from both ends of the political spectrum.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

School's out at the Bruce Report

In response to part of: The politics of consultation at the Bruce Report
Dan Fitzgerald Says:
June 19th, 2008 at 10:53 pm

“You could argue, for example, that the people of New Brunswick have been marvelously well consulted on the proposed termination of a system that has failed more children than it’s helped, produced more functional illiterates in both official languages than even its most strident skeptics have feared, and driven a near-fatal spike into the heart of public education in this province, currently bifurcated by independent streams of “have” and “have-not” pupils.”

If the argument is that this is used as an artificial or hidden streaming mechanism, then what people are really doing is skirting around the issues.

1. Streaming - not sure if grade 1 is the proper place to do so, the Dutch do it at the junior high level. The people I’ve talked to have little complaint about its effect or fairness at the decision points.

Now, if the contention is that you need connections or influence or money to get your kid into the upper stream, then this is a serious problem. Although I haven’t investigated it beyond anecdotal evidence, my gut tells me that socio-economic influences do play a role over here. I strongly suspect that if you did a survey, a larger than representative section of the lower levels are made up of the children of immigrants, although they often move up a level once they get their language skills down.

On the other hand, what about all the rich parents with ‘dumb’ kids? Shouldn’t the boarding school CEOs be fighting against these new regulations? Do they really think the middle class can afford or want to send Junior off to be buggered by his betters?

I don’t know; but the constant hedging around the issue must make these politicians and parents group mad with frenzy.

2. French vs. English

People run around like somehow this amorphous group of individuals is out plotting to rob their ’societies’ of some birthright. While this position is laughable for anyone in Canada other than the natives, I suspect there is a good deal of red herring being thrown around for hotheads to pick up.

Unfortunately, this takes the heat off other, much more well defined entities (i.e. Bush, Harper, Atlantica, Banks, Irving) that have plotted and engineered the mark-down of us all – French, English, Native – what have you.

At this juncture, the language debate is pretty stupid - who wouldn’t want their kids to have that extra knowledge and skill? I can understand that some are angry that their kids don’t have access to second language training, but to the point were they’ll fight so that others don’t have it?

3. Zero Tolerance

I saw a wave of what I thought of at the time as ‘political correctness’ coming into the schools every time my class moved up. For instance, they instituted zero-tolerance on playground fights (automatic suspensions) and the strap right after I left elementary school (Priestman st, ‘90-91).

Other, similar ‘zero tolerance’ policies, with mandated extreme punishments for common, innate human behavior, were introduced at that time - turning what we had already termed a penitentiary into an Orwellian, matrix-like house of rules. Where every tussle required intervention, but no true rebuke was available.

I believe that my class was permanently subdued by a grade-3 strapping incident - it was enough to keep 90+ boys from doing much harm to each other the subsequent 3 years.

4. Teaching to the Exam.

The practice of teaching to the exam had already wrecked some of the High-school courses by the time I made it to FHS (’97). The open-book exam was much cherished in the level 2 (mainstream!) courses by that point.

I remember the elective technical course I took - Internal Combustion Engines. There were three jokers, four stoners, five daydreamers, and about seven or eight guys who really took an interest in how the engine fit into the car. I think about every fourth class or so, we’d get to really work on some cars, pulling the engine apart, taking them out of cars - etc, it was great - you could see kids really getting into it. Unfortunately, the other three days were spent in a classroom environment getting everyone ready for some B$ test everyone (including the teacher) knew was a waste of time.

Provincial standardized testing was just being introduced (my grade 12 year wrote one of the first versions). Luckily, we never wasted class time on preparing for it directly - many students treated it as a joke because it didn’t count.

Unfortunately, these tests are no joke these days - they’re being peddled by every two-bit conman educator, along with their proprietary systems (see Neil Bush’s !Ignite) as the savior of a failing public system. I don’t see why you need multimillion dollar programs to teach kids how to add – our calculus teacher did a marvelous job with old textbooks we could probably get for free off the internet these days.

While I don’t decry all new educational techniques, I believe the proof will be in the pudding if our baby Einsteins continue to be unable to multiply without a calculator, correctly apply they’re their or there, let alone balance a checkbook or figure out that 19% interest will drain them dry. Either there’s a serious problem with the curriculum, or the school system engenders so much ancillary backlash that kids are unwilling to participate or tune in, regardless of how much Ritalin you stuff down their throats.

During my school days, I’d say it was more the later – it seems at this point the kids are getting hit with both barrels.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NB Bullshit @ CLB's - Dan F. vs. Anonymous C.

"Fascist Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Bussières is getting very popular on the Information Highway!!!"

Anonymous coward wrote:

"So Dan F ...you believe that it is OK to instill hatred and to scapegoat others??"

Hatred Of the Canadian government? From Harper right on down to Mr. Dan Bussieres - I'd say it's pretty hard not to get angry at them these days.

"When someone calls another person Hitler, that is fine with you?"

When the comparison is apt? Of course... When Harper takes us out of the coalition of the willing to crush children's testicles (1) in their fraudulent War on terror... I'll leave him alone.

"Charles has no right to besmirch another person's reputation"

Freedom of speech - if someone punched you in the head, you DO have the right to go around telling other people. Criminals and Evildoers should not enjoy these preposterous legal support.

Obviously this is a ban on free press. When only certain players are allowed to report on happenings, we all lose out.

"and if he keeps it up he will have to face the circumstances."

From the same people who would taser and imprison you for throwing apples... right - I get it.

"He really has crossed the line and should be shut down."

Oh, don't worry - your fiat overlords will get their way for now... Think they're taking you to Bermuda when their junk doesn't float?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Krystal & bin Laden - 911 truth

America’s first family – the Bin Ladens
Andrew Krystal - Maritime Morning
June 13, 2008

Steve Coll is the Pulitzer prize winning author of “Ghost Wars” (The Secret History of The CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, From the Soviet Invasion To Sept 10, 2001), and, now, “The Bin Laden’s — An Arabian Family In The American Century.

Without America, there would be no Saudi Royal family or Bin Laden riches. The jet-setting internationalism of their champagne-strewn lifestyle wasn’t just paved with American customers; it was cultivated with custodial geopolitics.

American military protected Saudi royals and their confederates (the Bin Laden family being one of them), after the British stepped away from the Middle East post WW2. Since then, Prince Bandar, and various other Saudi Princes and businessmen have been in the Washington corridors of power more often than any other nation; more so even than the Israelis — because the Saudis write the cheques.

Because the Saudis don’t ask for money, like other American allies, they lend it and spend it and they have bought and paid for that access. They also don’t lobby the way others do either. The Saudis just open their wallets.

But the good times came to an end on Sept 11th 2001.
Article Continues
my response:
Talk about conspiracy theory.

You left out the Bushite / apocalyptic-religious abrogation of our countries that enabled this endless and fraudulent war on terror.

If you can watch tower 7 fall and blame it all on a bunch of cave-dwelling Islamic warlords - well, there's some swampland in Florida you might be interested in.

You can go down and try to vote in their next 'election'.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bush of the North, Harpers says 'we're' sorry.

The CBC never prints my comments.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's statement of apology
Wednesday, June 11, 2008
CBC News

Here are excerpts from the text of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's statement of apology on Wednesday, as released by the Prime Minister's Office. French sections, which repeat the English text, have been excluded:

Mr. Speaker, I stand before you today to offer an apology to former students of Indian residential schools. The treatment of children in Indian residential schools is a sad chapter in our history.

In the 1870's, the federal government, partly in order to meet its obligation to educate aboriginal children, began to play a role in the development and administration of these schools.

Two primary objectives of the residential schools system were to remove and isolate children from the influence of their homes, families, traditions and cultures, and to assimilate them into the dominant culture.
My thoughts:

The Harperites continue the popular coverup of multiple attempted, at least one 'successful' (see Beothuk) genocides on now 'Canadian' soil.

It's funny - if we did mistake 'Kanada' as a native word for village, we sure don't treat it like any sort of equitable one.

Tomorrow, those reserves are prime targets for kleptocratic plunder, this man's words are nothing after complicity in the Global shams of state-sponsored 'terror', 'free-trade' and spreading 'democracy'. If Canada wants to apologize to anybody, tell it to the Afghanis we or the other willing imperialists blew up today.

Out of Afghanistan, off the backs of the natives, begone from the lives of freedom-loving Canadians, Bush of the North.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Randomness, Crime & the Church on Charles Leblanc's Other Blog

In response to strange comments on Charles Leblanc's JERK STEALS TEEN BICYCLE IN FREDERICTON!!! LETS CATCH THE SCUMBAG!!!!!!!! post turned into an anti-religion free-for all, yours truly decided to step in for a swing. It looks like I could use a trip to church, eh? - Dan F.
At 8:44 PM, June 08, 2008 , Dan F. said...

Wow - this is the most random thing I have read on the interwebs in quite some time:

"Aw ok, you can call me will,or you can call me bill,or ester or arthur or sir just for the thrill,bob or red or uncle nobby ned,harry or terry or maybe lories uncle fred.lol Now you semi know me,in fac you semi know everythink,like mikr.lol"

Let's see if I can one-up him.

As to the Christian thievery question... The biggest crooks on earth have long been supported by the church.

Think of the fiefdoms of yesteryear - people enslaved by the minions of Rome, Banks, Governments - War... All propped up and succored by the Jesus-using clerics. They use his name and story in vain - selling it and making sure it all happens. They've done it again most recently by propping up the murderers Bush and Harper.

I don't see how religious war backers and sycophants for other social pirates can sit there reading about Jesus and Heaven all day and then act so callously (and hypocritically) towards their neighbors, children and others, generation after generation, without any sense of having done wrong.

Call me sick, but something doesn't seem right letting residential school ministers, juvenile penitentiary rapists and degenerates go to their graves guiltless for the cost of a few extra prayers and some extra silver thrown on the collection plate.

I don't intend to single out Catholics, the Scientologists and other new-age mind-crap (i.e. 1) are proving how easily some people are fooled even without the familial indoctrination. Give someone a sense of purpose in life (Pushing Heaven door to door, chanting in airports or turning oneself into a human bomb) - control is easily gained over the weak and desperate.

How the ruling religious right intends to deal with the giant numbers of nonbelievers in the US and Canada after they've succeeded in bringing about the Armageddon they've been praying for (see 2), is something we can only begin to fathom.

Another Flood?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

On PPPiracy, Uranium, Oil and Fiat money - Dan F Spinks About it

Comment on Spink About it:
New Brunswick's potential new tax landscape
"BTW, expect a lot of vilifying of the more wealthy among us in the coming days and weeks over the flat tax proposal. It might sound great to tax the highest earners to the nth degree but the problem is the wealthy are the most mobile. If they leave for more tax friendly areas, we middle class and the poor are left picking up the tab. There's got to be a happy medium balance. Seriously, we need the rich people too."

> Excellent point, spinks.
> That very situation happened (and is happening) in Ireland
> b/c of high personal taxes (see page 21-22). They matter.
Dan F said...


More rich people would be great.

Trouble is - the pyramid scheme of fiat debt is too unstable these days to keep the former highfliers at their lofty heights, let alone make room for newcomers to the gilded perch.

Reset the money and everything would be cool - instead the banks get bailed and the families move into their increasingly costly automobiles.

Where is all this money and uranium being siphoned off to? China and Bermuda come to mind - stop the hidden outflows before you can deal honestly with taxes.

These ministers had better strongly consider why the people should continue to fund this plundering of land and sea - how long will these new bubbles sustain the audacity of the PPPirates?

If self-sufficiency comes from Oil, Guns and War - as the presumptive Atlantica leaders would have us continue to believe, why is it working so poorly in Iraq?

They should all be enjoying their USA made fortunes by now, not wandering around destitute, covered in Uranium.

2:03 PM

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

To Keith Ashfield on ignoring asylum motion

MPs vote to give asylum to U.S. deserters, Tories say no
CBC News
June 3, 2008

The House of Commons has passed a motion to grant permanent residence status to American military deserters and their families, but it's not expected to help a U.S. soldier recently ordered to leave Canada.

While all three opposition parties supported the non-binding NDP motion Tuesday, the government voted it down and is certain to ignore it.
Article Continues
Dear Keith Ashfield,
(send via his web comments form)

Your party had decided to ignore Canadians too long - disregarding the parliamentarian motions on granting asylum for conscientious objectors from the US will be the last straw. It makes me wonder if corporofascist elements under the guise of a 'conservative' platform have all but stolen anything approaching Democracy in our great Nation

I sincerely hope you've set limits yourself on how far you're willing to go in abetting this slide into corporofascist totalitarianism, although you'll probably get ignored too when those thresholds are met.

Please stand up for liberty, Mr. Ashfield – we don't want Canada turned into a Bushist state.