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Friday, June 13, 2008

Krystal & bin Laden - 911 truth

America’s first family – the Bin Ladens
Andrew Krystal - Maritime Morning
June 13, 2008

Steve Coll is the Pulitzer prize winning author of “Ghost Wars” (The Secret History of The CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, From the Soviet Invasion To Sept 10, 2001), and, now, “The Bin Laden’s — An Arabian Family In The American Century.

Without America, there would be no Saudi Royal family or Bin Laden riches. The jet-setting internationalism of their champagne-strewn lifestyle wasn’t just paved with American customers; it was cultivated with custodial geopolitics.

American military protected Saudi royals and their confederates (the Bin Laden family being one of them), after the British stepped away from the Middle East post WW2. Since then, Prince Bandar, and various other Saudi Princes and businessmen have been in the Washington corridors of power more often than any other nation; more so even than the Israelis — because the Saudis write the cheques.

Because the Saudis don’t ask for money, like other American allies, they lend it and spend it and they have bought and paid for that access. They also don’t lobby the way others do either. The Saudis just open their wallets.

But the good times came to an end on Sept 11th 2001.
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my response:
Talk about conspiracy theory.

You left out the Bushite / apocalyptic-religious abrogation of our countries that enabled this endless and fraudulent war on terror.

If you can watch tower 7 fall and blame it all on a bunch of cave-dwelling Islamic warlords - well, there's some swampland in Florida you might be interested in.

You can go down and try to vote in their next 'election'.

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