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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NB Bullshit @ CLB's - Dan F. vs. Anonymous C.

"Fascist Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Bussières is getting very popular on the Information Highway!!!"

Anonymous coward wrote:

"So Dan F ...you believe that it is OK to instill hatred and to scapegoat others??"

Hatred Of the Canadian government? From Harper right on down to Mr. Dan Bussieres - I'd say it's pretty hard not to get angry at them these days.

"When someone calls another person Hitler, that is fine with you?"

When the comparison is apt? Of course... When Harper takes us out of the coalition of the willing to crush children's testicles (1) in their fraudulent War on terror... I'll leave him alone.

"Charles has no right to besmirch another person's reputation"

Freedom of speech - if someone punched you in the head, you DO have the right to go around telling other people. Criminals and Evildoers should not enjoy these preposterous legal support.

Obviously this is a ban on free press. When only certain players are allowed to report on happenings, we all lose out.

"and if he keeps it up he will have to face the circumstances."

From the same people who would taser and imprison you for throwing apples... right - I get it.

"He really has crossed the line and should be shut down."

Oh, don't worry - your fiat overlords will get their way for now... Think they're taking you to Bermuda when their junk doesn't float?

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