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Thursday, June 5, 2008

On PPPiracy, Uranium, Oil and Fiat money - Dan F Spinks About it

Comment on Spink About it:
New Brunswick's potential new tax landscape
"BTW, expect a lot of vilifying of the more wealthy among us in the coming days and weeks over the flat tax proposal. It might sound great to tax the highest earners to the nth degree but the problem is the wealthy are the most mobile. If they leave for more tax friendly areas, we middle class and the poor are left picking up the tab. There's got to be a happy medium balance. Seriously, we need the rich people too."

> Excellent point, spinks.
> That very situation happened (and is happening) in Ireland
> b/c of high personal taxes (see page 21-22). They matter.
Dan F said...


More rich people would be great.

Trouble is - the pyramid scheme of fiat debt is too unstable these days to keep the former highfliers at their lofty heights, let alone make room for newcomers to the gilded perch.

Reset the money and everything would be cool - instead the banks get bailed and the families move into their increasingly costly automobiles.

Where is all this money and uranium being siphoned off to? China and Bermuda come to mind - stop the hidden outflows before you can deal honestly with taxes.

These ministers had better strongly consider why the people should continue to fund this plundering of land and sea - how long will these new bubbles sustain the audacity of the PPPirates?

If self-sufficiency comes from Oil, Guns and War - as the presumptive Atlantica leaders would have us continue to believe, why is it working so poorly in Iraq?

They should all be enjoying their USA made fortunes by now, not wandering around destitute, covered in Uranium.

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