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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Randomness, Crime & the Church on Charles Leblanc's Other Blog

In response to strange comments on Charles Leblanc's JERK STEALS TEEN BICYCLE IN FREDERICTON!!! LETS CATCH THE SCUMBAG!!!!!!!! post turned into an anti-religion free-for all, yours truly decided to step in for a swing. It looks like I could use a trip to church, eh? - Dan F.
At 8:44 PM, June 08, 2008 , Dan F. said...

Wow - this is the most random thing I have read on the interwebs in quite some time:

"Aw ok, you can call me will,or you can call me bill,or ester or arthur or sir just for the thrill,bob or red or uncle nobby ned,harry or terry or maybe lories uncle fred.lol Now you semi know me,in fac you semi know everythink,like mikr.lol"

Let's see if I can one-up him.

As to the Christian thievery question... The biggest crooks on earth have long been supported by the church.

Think of the fiefdoms of yesteryear - people enslaved by the minions of Rome, Banks, Governments - War... All propped up and succored by the Jesus-using clerics. They use his name and story in vain - selling it and making sure it all happens. They've done it again most recently by propping up the murderers Bush and Harper.

I don't see how religious war backers and sycophants for other social pirates can sit there reading about Jesus and Heaven all day and then act so callously (and hypocritically) towards their neighbors, children and others, generation after generation, without any sense of having done wrong.

Call me sick, but something doesn't seem right letting residential school ministers, juvenile penitentiary rapists and degenerates go to their graves guiltless for the cost of a few extra prayers and some extra silver thrown on the collection plate.

I don't intend to single out Catholics, the Scientologists and other new-age mind-crap (i.e. 1) are proving how easily some people are fooled even without the familial indoctrination. Give someone a sense of purpose in life (Pushing Heaven door to door, chanting in airports or turning oneself into a human bomb) - control is easily gained over the weak and desperate.

How the ruling religious right intends to deal with the giant numbers of nonbelievers in the US and Canada after they've succeeded in bringing about the Armageddon they've been praying for (see 2), is something we can only begin to fathom.

Another Flood?

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