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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

To Keith Ashfield on ignoring asylum motion

MPs vote to give asylum to U.S. deserters, Tories say no
CBC News
June 3, 2008

The House of Commons has passed a motion to grant permanent residence status to American military deserters and their families, but it's not expected to help a U.S. soldier recently ordered to leave Canada.

While all three opposition parties supported the non-binding NDP motion Tuesday, the government voted it down and is certain to ignore it.
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Dear Keith Ashfield,
(send via his web comments form)

Your party had decided to ignore Canadians too long - disregarding the parliamentarian motions on granting asylum for conscientious objectors from the US will be the last straw. It makes me wonder if corporofascist elements under the guise of a 'conservative' platform have all but stolen anything approaching Democracy in our great Nation

I sincerely hope you've set limits yourself on how far you're willing to go in abetting this slide into corporofascist totalitarianism, although you'll probably get ignored too when those thresholds are met.

Please stand up for liberty, Mr. Ashfield – we don't want Canada turned into a Bushist state.

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David Raymond Amos said...

Keithy Baby is ignoing a lot more than that.

How about the elephant in the room which is Mean Old Me? You know the ghost of the last election who has the same sort of sounding name as David Innes so people are nice to me when I call until they figure out that I am David Raymond Amos and defintely not the Innes crook.