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Thursday, June 26, 2008

War is Hell on the Burton Front

In response to "Could, Would, Should: The Battlecry of the Sissies

We are living in a time of great fear, the fear of doing the right thing.
If people truly cared about their fellow man, a mighty military force could, would and should invade Zimbabwe and overthrow the Mugabe regime. That won't happen because that could harm the environment.
Blogger Awareness said...

The silence on this issue is frightening. Why isn't there a battlecry?

Dan F (censored):

A hardcore 'conservative' Christian bigot and a wishy-washy bleeding heart both think it wise to send Canadian boys off to die for more oil / UN genocide?

I trust you can both find your ways to the recruiting center - for yourselves and your children.

Load yourselves down with Bibles and Prozac - see how much good they do after you torture some kids and blow away a few 'insurgents'.

Who's going to rescue our 'democracy' from diebold elections and the private mercenary armies that have been created by this incessant war-mongering, from both ends of the political spectrum.


Dan F said...

"Genocide? Where Dan, where?"

Just about anywhere you chicken hawks send our troops - Afghanistan and Iraq are prime examples.

"Back to the question at hand. When are your ilk going to stop your party parade and do something to stop the advancement of totalitarian regimes?"

Party parade? While I have no idea what you're talking about - anything we try to do in slowing the Bush and Harper NAU is much more anti-totalitarian than any of your democracies by the barrel of a gun.

Had we not been trying to rape the Africans at every turn, maybe they wouldn't be so eager to switch to the Chinese sphere of influence?


If you want more Western backed genocides to study, just examine the annihilation of Palestinians over in Israel.


All the while, apocalyptic preachers are spurring us on to Armageddon...


If claiming the death of innocents will quicken Jesus' return helps absolve you of guilt for promoting these lies, I suspect there's nothing more I can say that will change your mind.

Dan F said...

"Scratch a lefty, you'll find an anti-Semite"

You know what semitic means, right? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semitic#Ethnicity_and_race

So my defending the Palestinian semitic people versus the Israeli ones is Anti-Semitic how?

Listen Ansel, you can call me whatever you like, it won't change the facts. When you and your children enlist to fight these fradulent wars (ever heard of the USS liberty, bud?) - then I'll give you some leeway.

Until then - chickenhawks like you need the internet axe treatment, and if you're man enough to post my comments, I'll give it to ya, bud.

What is it about crushing the lungs of innocent women and children, caught up in this fraudulent war, that turns you apocalyptic nutsos on so much?