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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

#1 Irving Blog's #2 on Irving Policy

Visiting Blog - Weekend Potpourri

Kit - Spink About It
July 6, 2008

1. One of things to celebrate is the freedom we have in this country. Like the freedom of speech that allows people like Spinks and I to say what we want on a blog. It even allows others to be offensive. Thats why you should be following this story, here. This is just the latest installment in a battle for our freedom that is being fought below the surface. Fire. Them. All.

2. The Daily Gleaner ran an article on the front page today (Saturday) called "Spelling out Changes to our French Language programs". The whole tone of the article, with the exception of the last paragraph, came across like EFI was totally dead and that this was simply justifying the inevitable... Lamrock has made his decision and thats that. Silly me, I thought we were still in consultation?

My response:
"2. The Daily Gleaner"

See, that's where you lost me, kit - why would you sit around discussing the Irving public policy?

1. It's not going to change for our sake.

2. They control the public debate through several propaganda outlets (including this blog).

3. The economic and philosophical foundations underlying the article will be at best secretive, at worst - well... let's hope we don't wind up there.

So, carefully consider the downsides of any Irving policy - the current economic pitfalls are much deeper and wider than the public has any credence for.

Slashing teaching and education platforms is kind of a desperate, pirate move to keep the shady ship afloat for another few years, I'd say.

When what this economy and house need are some solid cleansing out - stop the fiat bandits before it's too late.

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