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Monday, July 14, 2008

Behaviorism, Religion and Reality

Comments on"Should Dr. Henry Morgentaler be given the Governor General award???"
Fred said...

Dan F, you missed my point about Skinner's Box. What I am saying is that because mistakes were made and are NOW being acknowledged regarding church errors doesn't mean that those same attitudes persist today any more than behaviourists such as yourself still believe in using Skinner's Box in 2008. No question but that mistakes were made, but that doesn't mean that people who made mistakes in the past are condemned to live them over and over again; otherwise, contemporary behaviourists would have no credibility whatsoever.


Dear Fred,

Alright, I reviewed my response and I was a bit hasty going along with your premise.

Which appears to equating behaviorism going out of fashion (via scientific development) with some of the churches in some of the countries relenting from hiding and surreptitiously moving pedophile priests around until they were hit with massive lawsuits.

Now that and the native scandal were big reasons why I wanted to leave the United church in the early nineties, (not to mention the minister, Brad Little) breaking the church up (and soliciting the wealthier members to follow) over his fear of gays, so I'm a might touchy on church scandals.

While we both seem to be able to admit that what has been done in the name of God and Science in the past was wrong, why am I the only one who can fathom that they might still be up to no good?

That's the problem with faith, brother - it'll blind you if you let it - and in that state, your shepherd had better be leading you in the right direction.

(i.e. not towards Armageddon, not hiding massive social injustice, not abetting fiat rape, all of it)

Organized religion is to Jesus what Fox news is to Reality - both chose from it what they like, but the end products bear very little resemblance to the originals.

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