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Friday, July 4, 2008

On science and fear of uranium.

N.B. establishes strict uranium exploration rules
July 4, 2008 - CBC News

New government regulations in New Brunswick will limit uranium exploration and staking of claims.

The province announced on Friday that exploration is now banned on municipal land and in watersheds and fields with private wells. Claims will also not be allowed to be staked within 300 metres of private homes.

The new regulations are retroactive and exploration in previous claims in areas that are now banned will not be able to continue.
There's no scientific basis for the public fear of uranium exploration but mining companies do recognize the government must calm its citizens, said Dave Plant, spokesman for Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, which is representing several companies.

My Response
"There's no scientific basis for the public fear of uranium exploration"

While in a perfect world, uranium might be mined safely, the industry's historical record indicates that it will not.

Just because the field of economics choses not to dwell on greed, and the fields of psychology and psychiatry have not fully elucidated the cognitive biases / neural underpinnings of psychopathic kleptocracy, does not imply that the populate is wrong in trying to shut the gates on this toxic endeavor.

The current ruling is designed to placate the only slightly worried - the mines will come, and only God will be able to help the future uranium mutants.

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