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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Psychology & UFOs on Maritime Morning

UFOs: The Secret History — David Cherniak’s feature-length documentary which airs on the History Channel will be my special guest at 11am on Monday on “Maritime Morning”.

It is interesting to see the range of approaches to the UFO phenomenon. UFOs have become something on a Rorschach/inkblot test, wherein people read into them what they themselves want to see; it is a projection.

In Medieval times, people saw religious “miracles”, and offered these visions as proof of God’s guiding hand.


There is a tremendous human vanity in the notion that we will never know everything, that the human spirit is ineffable; that the human spirit is too grand. Maybe it is.

But what if that human vanity of the spirit is false? Perhaps that is what scares us.

  1. Dan Fitzgerald Says:

    “The psychological dimensions of the UFO “mystery” remains an area where very little academic study has been done. ”

    Unfortunately, the mechanisms for confirming whether individual UFO sightings are real or imagined, we’d need less restriction on what should be public data (i.e. open access to radar data).

    It seems the government is too busy taping everyone’s phone (a true statement that would have seemed paranoid not so long ago) to look into it.

    At the same time, we’ve spent a lot of time and money at the official level trying to see whether there is life on other planets - pretty strange if you ask me.

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