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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RCMP rape, Massive Overgeneralization & Moronic Secrecy

N.B. Mountie facing two counts of sexual exploitation suspended with pay
The Canadian Press (Posted on CBC NB - WTF?)
July 22, 2008

A New Brunswick RCMP officer has been charged with two counts of sexual exploitation while in a position of trust.
Corporofascist(?) Article Continues
In response to:
Andrew Bedford

"I am seriously starting to think the power we entrust to our police is creating monsters of people. Even those starting out with the best of intentions."

Dan F. says:
Your caveat comes too late, my friend - massive over generalization on your way from A to B.

The vast majority of cops, bureaucrats and even politicians are not the monsters their lesser fare make of them. If they're really overstretched, take them off ticket duty.

Now if we could just excise the rotten ones out via our(?) judges - who've been abetting fiat rape for so long they forget the best interests of the people.

Which is not random stops, 400 dollar speeding tickets at 'construction zones' or fines for kittens.

At the very least - we need some oversight.

Cast off the dregs of moronic secrecy.

Where is the sleek prosecutors office office from TeeVee to come and pin these rogue and psychopathic rapists at the door - before they get a chance to rape hundreds of kids and only go to jail for 13 years.

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