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Monday, July 21, 2008

Speeding in Fredericton: Police stings, cameras and Genetic IDs

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Police monitoring Fredericton construction sites
July 21, 2008
CBC News

Fredericton police are hitting the road in the city to monitor drivers in construction zones.

Police in the New Brunswick capital area began the construction-zone monitoring last week and will be continuing throughout the summer.

Wearing overalls, hard hats and fluorescent vests that say "police," the officers are tracking drivers' speeds using a handheld speed radar device.
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While keeping the roads safe is important, it seems a sort of 'if there's time' - not something for primary policing responsibility. (just set up a cameras if it's such a concern) to watch after construction zones throughout the day.

They're always saying that the force is stretched - why put them on guard duty if it's so bad?

Meanwhile, the RCMP are busy failing us on the important stuff too - drugs flow through the borders while able-bodied prisoners and guards are knock themselves out of the useful workforce for no intelligible rationale other than corrupt fiat debt thievery..

Ah well, welcome to our prison planet, I guess - ID chip and bank accounts at the door - everyone why speeds a tad is fodder for the kangaroo courts.

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