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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Spink Irving: Anonymity & Economic Meltdowns

In response to Canadaeast (Irving) Blog 'Spink About it': Two years later, CBC continues to be inconsistent on comments

Dan F said...
Spinks, I don't get it - you do or don't want people posting anonymously?
You run this blog anonymously, right?
You claim to be independent, somehow, while attaching yourself to the local news organization...
How's it feel, throwing rocks in glass houses?

Blogger 'Spinks' said...
Boy CanadaEast running my blog really sticks in your craw doesn't it Dan? NB Local in the Know (a business as well) also runs my blog so CE is hardly an exclusive deal. IF CE wants to give me an unfettered forum (as they do when you comment there) than so be it. Back to your question.

Person place or thing called it. I think what is being written is often more important than who is writing it and if you want to engage people giving them the freedom to express themselves is important. Sometimes using a full name doesn't allow that (look what happened to T.J. Burke). But the CBC (and CanadaEast) comments board can often devolve into a mess of rudeness, slander and arguably libel. Say what you wish but common courtesy should always be a factor and one can get their point across without being rude. We're all better for treating each other with some common decency (even on the Web).

Dan F. said:
That's your answer then?

"Irving and 'I' run this blog anonymously, lighten up..."

Well sorry for being a conspiracy theorist, but when I can't even put a name to one of the conspirators, my tinfoil antennae start buzzing.

Don't get me wrong - I'm happy to follow along with Irvings anonymous blogger to see what 'you' have to say.

What'll we see this winter when we continue to feel the pinch of this Bushite economic meltdown?

How to banter away the freezing oil customers and overfilling soup kitchens, while the Bermudan bankers keep getting their cut?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feeding the Bottom-Dwelling Methan-Belchers

In response to Alex Bruce - The lies your leaders told you "They would have you perceive them as white knights, and their enemies as bottom-feeding methane-belchers."
If it were the American system, I'd put Taliban Jack in as President and let the Liberals try to run congress.

The Greens had better get their word out if they expect to do anything beyond showing up in this election. The message of the NDP and Canadian Action Party are good, but they just can't seem to surmount the corporate control of the playing turf...

Anything we could do to make it less like an NFL game would be great - I wish it were less about bumblers struggling to defeat Karl Rovian megalomaniacs than a chance for real discussion followed by a chance (say no to Diebold/PES) for the populace to demonstrate our unique Canadianisms.

Most of all, I hope we've still got a slightly less manipulable electorate than the fellows down south, who seem to blow in the FOX news wind every time a politician gets caught with his pants down or go against what the New World Order philosophy dictates.

Cultural genocide, 'free trade' with slave-labor countries, fiat debt kleptocracies, supporting dictatorships, Armageddon in the Middle East - how long can our society profit from evil before we lose our chance for redemption?

The Beothuk may not have happened under our watch, but we've got a responsibility as humans that we don't recreate the horrors of yesteryear on a global scale, whatever philosophy or religion you're putting in your (peace) pipe.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cracks in the Irving Muffin

In response to Spink about it - Survey says...bad news judgement
"I know a couple of blogging commentators who may have a field day with this one to add to their “anyone who looks at an Irving store is part of a grand conspiracy” but this time they would have a point."

Conspiracy theories, eh?

No 'Spinks', proclaiming that Irving runs and controls things around New Brunswick is not nearly controversial enough to be called a conspiracy theory, even by 'you'.

However, the parading of random partial dissent, by Irving-allied, anonymous bloggers while the poor imitations of KC attack real blogs and have true activists stifled will be an interesting read in the NB X files.

(Along with the fact that Irving puts crack in their cappuccino and blueberry muffins) <- joke

I appreciate that 'you' would like people to consider 'your' blog somehow independent, but it really doesn't ring true when the substance of your message is - Irving is right, but their reporters are too lazy to prove it - all surrounded by links to more Irving propaganda via your Canadaeast blog banner.

Ayatollah Harper on the Burton Front

In response to the Burton front - "Get Ready For Team Media's Big Blitz"
"They are itching for a showdown with the Conservative government"

There's a conservative party running for office?

You don't mean the jokers who have plunged Canada into debt and massive inflation at the behest of their Southern Apocalyptic brothers in arms against the evil Muslim, do you?

Ah well - with the geared elections machines we've allowed ourselves to be infected with, this particular election will be tough to call.

Something tells me, however, that enough Canadians remain savvy to reject the fanatics in conservative clothing who are chomping at the bit to rule over us.

Ladies, want to see what a Western burqa looks like?

Vote for Ayatollah Harper.

Days of Reckoning at the Bruce Report

In response to the Bruce Report - Where’s our national purpose?

"There will come a day when this country wakes up to its history"

For it to be at all effective, this day must include our complicity in the terror war - an act we've partially bought and paid for with our soldier's lives, economic stability and national honor.

No innocent country could have so blithely accepted the neocon lies as truth without due diligence and reason being thrown to the wind.

The truth about 9/11 is desperately needed to stop the Armageddonite madness that continues to float the boats of Bush co., Harperite fundamentalists and the likes of Bilderberg McKenna in their race for absolute power and control over humanity.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Maritime Morning throws in the Terror towel.

In response to Andrew Krystal's Too Many Holes in the Boat
Dan Fitzgerald Says:
“And we cannot destroy them.”

You must have listened to one too many Obama the Arugula eater speeches and accepted premature defeat.

Our dear leader, John ‘Seven-House’ McCain will track down bin Laughing and strangle him while our predator drones bomb the Talibs back to kingdom come.

After all - if we accept defeat in Afghanistan, what’s to stop another batch of box cutting Saudi al-qaeda from blowing by NORAD and turning all our sky-scrapers into thermite laden dust?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pipelines and Pravda on the Albert County Independent

In response to:

Headlines from Pravda

The Independent - August 11, 2008
Today it's Georgia. What happens when Estonia or Latvia (both with ~25% Russian minorities) or Ukraine come up? The Baltic nations are all members of NATO, and thus Canadian troops are tied to their defence against Russian aggression. Is the Canadian public, which is uncomfortable with Kandahar, prepared to defend Talinn or Vilnius?
Dan F said...

"drawn into a war of independence"

Pray tell - how were the Georgians drawn into lining up multiple launch missile vehicles and launching at their own citizens?

Another duped demagogue falling to the sideline in Bush-co's oil and drug wars.

I wonder if he'll have the temerity to step outside the propaganda line like his fore runner:


Doesn't the fact that Georgians are the 3rd biggest contributer to the Iraqi plunder, a confirmed American puppet state raise any skepticism towards Western propaganda outlets from someone calling himself 'The Independent'?

At least don't push for more Canadian troops to be ordered off to protect another pipeline.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maritime Manufacturing and Assumption Ltd.

In response to:
NBT is taxing my patience
"Let's assume the manufacturing activity was moved to NB to take advantage of the zero corporate income tax rate put on by the government."

What did your high school teachers tell you about making assumptions?

We all know how well the Bushite tax cuts worked out for their economy - what makes you think it would be any different here?

It's sad that so many have fallen for the Irving propaganda.

What'll really happen is some years from now, we'll all wake up with massive headaches fuelled by binging on fiat debt with nothing but a bunch of buildings to heat to show for it.

Meanwhile, Bilderberg McKenna and his banker buddies will all have their Bermudan beach houses paid for on the assumptions of hard working Maritimers and immigrants who just wanted a taste of the Canadian dream.

Poverty in the Capital City

In response to: Snooby Elitist Fredericton Councillor Bruce Grandy says No to the less fortunate of the Capital!!!! on Charles Leblanc's blog
John Q public don't give a damn about the poor as humans, why should their elected officials?

We've used the geography of the city over the last months to take away the few remaining poultices (however negative) the fiat-dollar challenged had for insipid poverty (i.e. booze, redemption money).

I guess the immigrants we're desperately seeking to prop up the housing market and banking industries couldn't handle a few old geezers shuffling around with a bag full of cans along King street.

That or the local gentry just couldn't stand to see the reality of the big con in its shocking vividness - as the grey gang came in for their latest 'helping' of government gruel.

Though they're more than happy to hold out their own company's hand, when the dole is being granted.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

NB cow mutilations continue unabated

NB cow mutilations continue unabated
From: "Dan Fitzgerald"
Date: Mon, August 4, 2008 2:45 am
To: "David Amos"
Cc: police@fredericton.ca, t.j.burke@gnb.ca, oldmaison@yahoo.com, tony.whalen@gnb.ca, ken.ross@gnb.ca, kmearn@townofmilton.org, kmunro@yahoo-inc.com, mackay.p@parl.gc.ca, injusticecoalition@hotmail.com, wayne.steeves@gnb.ca, wally.stiles@gnb.ca, Kim.Quartermain@fredericton.ca, Keith.ASHFIELD@gnb.ca, Kathy.Alchorn@fredericton.ca, moore.r@parl.gc.ca, mike.olscamp@gnb.ca, Margaret-Ann.BLANEY@gnb.ca, mark.panus@realogy.com

David Amos wrote:
Holy Jesus those are some fucked up cows.

The hogs don't seem to be doing too well lately either.

I guess this is what happens when justice is misappropriated by mindless military morons (see T.J. Burke, for example).

If our border security hasn't started detaining people for their mp3s, I'll be out to visit Werner and very much hope to receive no new evidence of criminal activity following this latest brutal crime.

I'll feel so much more secure should I have my trusty new biometric driver's license by then.

Daniel A. Fitzgerald
- Concerned citizen.

Censurer vs. Sentinel - Mindwashed Killaz

in response to:
Beheader Cannibalized Victim: Leaked Police Recording
The Canadian Sentinel
August 2nd, 2008

Is this guy evil?
What the hell could possibly have led him to do this?
"Okay, Badger's at the back of the bus, hacking off pieces and eating it," the transmission ends
The mind races to attempt to apprehend this monumentally evil act of inhumanity.

One cannot help but attempt to speculate as to possible causes of this behavior.

I'm afraid simply calling the guy "insane" isn't enough, for this is simply too bizzarely out-of-the-ordinary-even-for-the-most-insane.

I realize that there are some mean-spirited, brainless-fool hard-left trolls about to infiltrate my comments section in a wink once I post this, but...

I would suggest that security intelligence professionals conduct an unprecedentedly thorough investigation and interrogation of this man. Why?
Article Continues

"brainwashed and programmed somehow by a foreign government's agents"

Who we talking 'bout here - the United States?

http://wbztv.com/national/ Robert...y.2.741475.html
http://itwasjohnson.impiousdiges...m/ Page1cx2.html
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Pro...Project_MKULTRA

Some people think the bastards killed John Lennon that way too.

http://www.john-lennon.com/ theas...inationofjl.htm

All I know is that people in Europe are now warning each other not to take the bus in Canada - you couldn't have asked for a better way to wreak mindless fear than splashing this case all over the news.

Fear - a fascist's wet dream - has been used to cow and silence our 'free' society - look for more Harperite lockdown in the months to come.
Censurer General | Homepage

P.S. It ain't that hard to do:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p...h? v=p958woXcYcI
Censurer General | Homepage
His response
You're a slobbering fool, "Censurer" to equate Communist China to the United States.

There's something wrong in your head, I'm afraid, "Censurer".

You are clearly obsessed with trying to demonize the United States.

Tell me, why are people in the US allowed to demonstrate in the most extreme ways, allowed to speak out as they wish (provided it doesn't offend GLBTS and Muslims)? If it's a fascist country, the moonbats marching in the streets slandering America, Israel, the President and insulting JudeoChristianity would be quickly arrested and have their heads blown off, like in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc... oh, and the US doesn't harvest the organs of live human subjects like the SinoCommies do to the Falun Gong. There is no holocaust happening in the US, nor was there ever. The internet is completely free in the US, as opposed to censored in the Non-Free World.

I could go on and on, but why don't you just read the rest of my blog, fool?

Sorry, Mr. Fitzgerald, but I see you as a big, fat fool with a mental disorder called "leftism".

YOur attempts to equate the US with China, the Islamic World and dictatorships everywhere is pure propaganda and I'm inclined to delete it in future should you continue to make such stupid, insane moral equavalencies as you've been doing at every opportunity.

I will not permit my blog to be hijacked for the purpose of the spread of defamatory communist propaganda.

I apologize for my rudeness and insults, but it's how I feel.

Please refrain from posting communist propaganda herein. It will be deleted, just as will jihadist propaganda.

YOur own blog is available to you to post such propaganda. I won't try to stop you from doing it there.
Canadian Sentinel | Homepage
My Response:
1. I love the United States
2. I'm right

Lefty said: "Now, that is precisely the kind of thinking used by Roswell, believers, UFOlogists, 9/11 conspiracy theorists and Elvis-spotters to justify their beliefs. NO amount of evidence (or lack thereof) will ever disprove their theory."

3. Screw you lefty old geezer, you don't know what you're talking about either.

Best wishes to anyone with any reason or logic left - flying blind on faith will make you crash pretty hard on reality, eh?
Censurer General