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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Censurer vs. Sentinel - Mindwashed Killaz

in response to:
Beheader Cannibalized Victim: Leaked Police Recording
The Canadian Sentinel
August 2nd, 2008

Is this guy evil?
What the hell could possibly have led him to do this?
"Okay, Badger's at the back of the bus, hacking off pieces and eating it," the transmission ends
The mind races to attempt to apprehend this monumentally evil act of inhumanity.

One cannot help but attempt to speculate as to possible causes of this behavior.

I'm afraid simply calling the guy "insane" isn't enough, for this is simply too bizzarely out-of-the-ordinary-even-for-the-most-insane.

I realize that there are some mean-spirited, brainless-fool hard-left trolls about to infiltrate my comments section in a wink once I post this, but...

I would suggest that security intelligence professionals conduct an unprecedentedly thorough investigation and interrogation of this man. Why?
Article Continues

"brainwashed and programmed somehow by a foreign government's agents"

Who we talking 'bout here - the United States?

http://wbztv.com/national/ Robert...y.2.741475.html
http://itwasjohnson.impiousdiges...m/ Page1cx2.html
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Pro...Project_MKULTRA

Some people think the bastards killed John Lennon that way too.

http://www.john-lennon.com/ theas...inationofjl.htm

All I know is that people in Europe are now warning each other not to take the bus in Canada - you couldn't have asked for a better way to wreak mindless fear than splashing this case all over the news.

Fear - a fascist's wet dream - has been used to cow and silence our 'free' society - look for more Harperite lockdown in the months to come.
Censurer General | Homepage

P.S. It ain't that hard to do:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p...h? v=p958woXcYcI
Censurer General | Homepage
His response
You're a slobbering fool, "Censurer" to equate Communist China to the United States.

There's something wrong in your head, I'm afraid, "Censurer".

You are clearly obsessed with trying to demonize the United States.

Tell me, why are people in the US allowed to demonstrate in the most extreme ways, allowed to speak out as they wish (provided it doesn't offend GLBTS and Muslims)? If it's a fascist country, the moonbats marching in the streets slandering America, Israel, the President and insulting JudeoChristianity would be quickly arrested and have their heads blown off, like in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc... oh, and the US doesn't harvest the organs of live human subjects like the SinoCommies do to the Falun Gong. There is no holocaust happening in the US, nor was there ever. The internet is completely free in the US, as opposed to censored in the Non-Free World.

I could go on and on, but why don't you just read the rest of my blog, fool?

Sorry, Mr. Fitzgerald, but I see you as a big, fat fool with a mental disorder called "leftism".

YOur attempts to equate the US with China, the Islamic World and dictatorships everywhere is pure propaganda and I'm inclined to delete it in future should you continue to make such stupid, insane moral equavalencies as you've been doing at every opportunity.

I will not permit my blog to be hijacked for the purpose of the spread of defamatory communist propaganda.

I apologize for my rudeness and insults, but it's how I feel.

Please refrain from posting communist propaganda herein. It will be deleted, just as will jihadist propaganda.

YOur own blog is available to you to post such propaganda. I won't try to stop you from doing it there.
Canadian Sentinel | Homepage
My Response:
1. I love the United States
2. I'm right

Lefty said: "Now, that is precisely the kind of thinking used by Roswell, believers, UFOlogists, 9/11 conspiracy theorists and Elvis-spotters to justify their beliefs. NO amount of evidence (or lack thereof) will ever disprove their theory."

3. Screw you lefty old geezer, you don't know what you're talking about either.

Best wishes to anyone with any reason or logic left - flying blind on faith will make you crash pretty hard on reality, eh?
Censurer General

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