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Monday, August 25, 2008

Cracks in the Irving Muffin

In response to Spink about it - Survey says...bad news judgement
"I know a couple of blogging commentators who may have a field day with this one to add to their “anyone who looks at an Irving store is part of a grand conspiracy” but this time they would have a point."

Conspiracy theories, eh?

No 'Spinks', proclaiming that Irving runs and controls things around New Brunswick is not nearly controversial enough to be called a conspiracy theory, even by 'you'.

However, the parading of random partial dissent, by Irving-allied, anonymous bloggers while the poor imitations of KC attack real blogs and have true activists stifled will be an interesting read in the NB X files.

(Along with the fact that Irving puts crack in their cappuccino and blueberry muffins) <- joke

I appreciate that 'you' would like people to consider 'your' blog somehow independent, but it really doesn't ring true when the substance of your message is - Irving is right, but their reporters are too lazy to prove it - all surrounded by links to more Irving propaganda via your Canadaeast blog banner.

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