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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feeding the Bottom-Dwelling Methan-Belchers

In response to Alex Bruce - The lies your leaders told you "They would have you perceive them as white knights, and their enemies as bottom-feeding methane-belchers."
If it were the American system, I'd put Taliban Jack in as President and let the Liberals try to run congress.

The Greens had better get their word out if they expect to do anything beyond showing up in this election. The message of the NDP and Canadian Action Party are good, but they just can't seem to surmount the corporate control of the playing turf...

Anything we could do to make it less like an NFL game would be great - I wish it were less about bumblers struggling to defeat Karl Rovian megalomaniacs than a chance for real discussion followed by a chance (say no to Diebold/PES) for the populace to demonstrate our unique Canadianisms.

Most of all, I hope we've still got a slightly less manipulable electorate than the fellows down south, who seem to blow in the FOX news wind every time a politician gets caught with his pants down or go against what the New World Order philosophy dictates.

Cultural genocide, 'free trade' with slave-labor countries, fiat debt kleptocracies, supporting dictatorships, Armageddon in the Middle East - how long can our society profit from evil before we lose our chance for redemption?

The Beothuk may not have happened under our watch, but we've got a responsibility as humans that we don't recreate the horrors of yesteryear on a global scale, whatever philosophy or religion you're putting in your (peace) pipe.

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