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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Spink Irving: Anonymity & Economic Meltdowns

In response to Canadaeast (Irving) Blog 'Spink About it': Two years later, CBC continues to be inconsistent on comments

Dan F said...
Spinks, I don't get it - you do or don't want people posting anonymously?
You run this blog anonymously, right?
You claim to be independent, somehow, while attaching yourself to the local news organization...
How's it feel, throwing rocks in glass houses?

Blogger 'Spinks' said...
Boy CanadaEast running my blog really sticks in your craw doesn't it Dan? NB Local in the Know (a business as well) also runs my blog so CE is hardly an exclusive deal. IF CE wants to give me an unfettered forum (as they do when you comment there) than so be it. Back to your question.

Person place or thing called it. I think what is being written is often more important than who is writing it and if you want to engage people giving them the freedom to express themselves is important. Sometimes using a full name doesn't allow that (look what happened to T.J. Burke). But the CBC (and CanadaEast) comments board can often devolve into a mess of rudeness, slander and arguably libel. Say what you wish but common courtesy should always be a factor and one can get their point across without being rude. We're all better for treating each other with some common decency (even on the Web).

Dan F. said:
That's your answer then?

"Irving and 'I' run this blog anonymously, lighten up..."

Well sorry for being a conspiracy theorist, but when I can't even put a name to one of the conspirators, my tinfoil antennae start buzzing.

Don't get me wrong - I'm happy to follow along with Irvings anonymous blogger to see what 'you' have to say.

What'll we see this winter when we continue to feel the pinch of this Bushite economic meltdown?

How to banter away the freezing oil customers and overfilling soup kitchens, while the Bermudan bankers keep getting their cut?


David Raymond Amos said...

Spinksy Baby deleted nearly every comment of mine and I only post in my true name.

Ain't you figured out who is is yet?

David Raymond Amos said...

David Raymond Amos has left a new comment on the post "Me and Bush":

From: David Amos david.raymond.amos@gmail.com
Subject: That was kinda like the understatement of the year that you made in the Gypsy's blog EH Spinksey Baby?
To: spinks08@hotmail.com, oldmaison@yahoo.com, danf@danf.net, webo@xplornet.com, william.elliott@rcmp-grc.gc.ca, RBCP@phonelosers.org, bradthecarter@gmail.com, day.s@parl.gc.ca, danny.copp@fredericton.ca, Duceppe.G@parl.gc.ca, mackay.p@parl.gc.ca, leader@greenparty.ca, brad@notla.com, Layton.J@parl.gc.ca, infoam@fredericton.cbc.ca, dions1@parl.gc.ca, shawn.graham@gnb.ca, jonesr@cbc.ca, jacques_poitras@cbc.ca, nelsonresisters@gmail.com, MLA@carlurquhart.com, thompson.g@parl.gc.ca, Allen.M@parl.gc.ca, Harper.S@parl.gc.ca, william.corbett@elections.ca
Cc: mark@wright4mp.ca, NBSWLib@nbnet.nb.ca, magrath9@nbnet.nb.ca, vicfitz@nbnet.nb.ca, Zed.P@parl.gc.ca, Murphy.B@parl.gc.ca, hubbac@parl.gc.ca, damouj1@parl.gc.ca, david@davidinnes.ca, mugr@rogers.com, dominic.leblanc@nb.aibn.com, odetterobichaud@hotmail.com, yvongodin@ndp.ca, jonathan.i.tower@gmail.com, scotta@parl.gc.ca
Date: Thursday, September 18, 2008, 10:43 AM


I will quote from the comments in the above Youtube Channel to
refresh you questionable memory and severe lack of INTEGRITY.

DavidRaymonAmos | September 16, 2008 (Block User)

Dude you know who I am. Last Hint: We had a pretty good round in the
summer of '07. Let's see:

1. I'm not a cop or a politician.
2. I have a blog that you have been known to post on.
3. I live in Canada.
4. You have not named me by name yet.
5. You probably thought I have been gone from your YouTubes since our
little round last year.
6. I'm a lot younger than you.
7. I don't think you like me very much.

Figured it out yet?

DavidRaymondAmos | September 16, 2008

Spinksey Baby???

Furthermore only after I get most of the Gay Porn attached to Werner
Bock's name and mine knocked out of Youtube did you show your nasty
arse in the Gypsy's blog and try hard to play dumb. My my don't that
smell like Hell EH Chucky Leblanc??? You far from ethical bloggers
from Fat Fred City got the same emails everybody else got and you
sneaky little bastarsds did not deny a single thing CORRECT Spinksey

Guess who is blogging this email as well?

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Spinks noreply-comment@blogger.com
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 10:20:39 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [Gypsy-blog] New comment on Al endorsements, no platform.
To: David.Raymond.Amos@gmail.com

Spinks has left a new comment on the post "Al endorsements, no

I know I'm going to regret this but we have a battle David?

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Posted by Spinks to Gypsy-blog at 1:20 PM

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Raymond Amos noreply-comment@blogger.com
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 10:21:09 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [Gypsy-blog] New comment on Al endorsements, no platform.
To: David.Raymond.Amos@gmail.com

David Raymond Amos has left a new comment on the post "Al endorsements,
no platform":

Gypsy you may enjoy my message to your fellow Fat Fred City blogger
Chucky Leblanc today. The rest of the smiling bastards everywhere may
as well enjoy it too.

N'est Pas?

From: David Amos
Subject: In answer to your strange little Fake Left buddies in Fat Fred
City No I am not Gay. ARE YOU?
To: oldmaison@yahoo.com, danf@danf.net
Cc: webo@xplornet.com
Date: Thursday, September 18, 2008, 10:08 AM

--- On Wed, 9/17/08, YouTube Service service@youtube.com wrote:

From: YouTube Service service@youtube.com
Subject: Reply from FrederictonGayPride on "Canadian Justice Delayed
To: "DavidRaymondAmos"
Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 5:54 PM

help center | e-mail options | report spam

FrederictonGayPride has replied to your comment on Canadian Justice
Delayed Pt.1: Show the proof. Anyone can SAY anything, as you well

If you want everyone to believe that, PROVE it. Can you do that? You
can reply back by visiting the comments page.

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Posted by David Raymond Amos to Just Dave at Thursday, September 18, 2008