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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maritime Manufacturing and Assumption Ltd.

In response to:
NBT is taxing my patience
"Let's assume the manufacturing activity was moved to NB to take advantage of the zero corporate income tax rate put on by the government."

What did your high school teachers tell you about making assumptions?

We all know how well the Bushite tax cuts worked out for their economy - what makes you think it would be any different here?

It's sad that so many have fallen for the Irving propaganda.

What'll really happen is some years from now, we'll all wake up with massive headaches fuelled by binging on fiat debt with nothing but a bunch of buildings to heat to show for it.

Meanwhile, Bilderberg McKenna and his banker buddies will all have their Bermudan beach houses paid for on the assumptions of hard working Maritimers and immigrants who just wanted a taste of the Canadian dream.

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