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Sunday, August 3, 2008

NB cow mutilations continue unabated

NB cow mutilations continue unabated
From: "Dan Fitzgerald"
Date: Mon, August 4, 2008 2:45 am
To: "David Amos"
Cc: police@fredericton.ca, t.j.burke@gnb.ca, oldmaison@yahoo.com, tony.whalen@gnb.ca, ken.ross@gnb.ca, kmearn@townofmilton.org, kmunro@yahoo-inc.com, mackay.p@parl.gc.ca, injusticecoalition@hotmail.com, wayne.steeves@gnb.ca, wally.stiles@gnb.ca, Kim.Quartermain@fredericton.ca, Keith.ASHFIELD@gnb.ca, Kathy.Alchorn@fredericton.ca, moore.r@parl.gc.ca, mike.olscamp@gnb.ca, Margaret-Ann.BLANEY@gnb.ca, mark.panus@realogy.com

David Amos wrote:
Holy Jesus those are some fucked up cows.

The hogs don't seem to be doing too well lately either.

I guess this is what happens when justice is misappropriated by mindless military morons (see T.J. Burke, for example).

If our border security hasn't started detaining people for their mp3s, I'll be out to visit Werner and very much hope to receive no new evidence of criminal activity following this latest brutal crime.

I'll feel so much more secure should I have my trusty new biometric driver's license by then.

Daniel A. Fitzgerald
- Concerned citizen.

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David Raymond Amos said...

Check the comments in Werner's Youtubes the sickos are stalking my minor daughter now and the fucking RCMP are laughing me.

Messing with me is one thing messing with my kids is a whole other kettle of fish