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Friday, August 15, 2008

Pipelines and Pravda on the Albert County Independent

In response to:

Headlines from Pravda

The Independent - August 11, 2008
Today it's Georgia. What happens when Estonia or Latvia (both with ~25% Russian minorities) or Ukraine come up? The Baltic nations are all members of NATO, and thus Canadian troops are tied to their defence against Russian aggression. Is the Canadian public, which is uncomfortable with Kandahar, prepared to defend Talinn or Vilnius?
Dan F said...

"drawn into a war of independence"

Pray tell - how were the Georgians drawn into lining up multiple launch missile vehicles and launching at their own citizens?

Another duped demagogue falling to the sideline in Bush-co's oil and drug wars.

I wonder if he'll have the temerity to step outside the propaganda line like his fore runner:


Doesn't the fact that Georgians are the 3rd biggest contributer to the Iraqi plunder, a confirmed American puppet state raise any skepticism towards Western propaganda outlets from someone calling himself 'The Independent'?

At least don't push for more Canadian troops to be ordered off to protect another pipeline.

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