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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Poverty in the Capital City

In response to: Snooby Elitist Fredericton Councillor Bruce Grandy says No to the less fortunate of the Capital!!!! on Charles Leblanc's blog
John Q public don't give a damn about the poor as humans, why should their elected officials?

We've used the geography of the city over the last months to take away the few remaining poultices (however negative) the fiat-dollar challenged had for insipid poverty (i.e. booze, redemption money).

I guess the immigrants we're desperately seeking to prop up the housing market and banking industries couldn't handle a few old geezers shuffling around with a bag full of cans along King street.

That or the local gentry just couldn't stand to see the reality of the big con in its shocking vividness - as the grey gang came in for their latest 'helping' of government gruel.

Though they're more than happy to hold out their own company's hand, when the dole is being granted.

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