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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Canadian fitna expert Gordon MacDonald

Comments on Gordon MacDonald's blog, 'No Right Puns', Geert Wilders Fitna
'This film should be required viewing in every school in the Western World.'
Cen said...

Are you advocating this insane position as a government of Canada employee?

Your surveillance of 911 truth activists, combined with this blatant demonization of Islam is just another brick in the christo/corporo-fascist wall of deception being built by the Harpers and Bush of this world.

Good luck with your conscience.
G MacDonald said...

This is a personal website. Get over your paranoia. What you call surveillance is there for all to see. I have a link to you site - total tranparency.

"Christo/corpo-faciast wall of deception" - wow a real mouthful.

From your spew I get the sense that you viewed the video with your eyes wide shut.

Wake up - you are nothing but a useful idiot to you islamofaciast "friends".

We will see how tolerant they are towards your worldview once they have the critical mass in the West to do something about it.
Censurer General said...

"once they have the critical mass in the West to do something about it"

Oh - and I'm the paranoid one...

I suppose you still think the (mostly failed) entrapment of the Toronto 18 was a legitimate use of taxpayer money?

What better way to create the sort of extremism that you claim to abhor than the sort of deceptive prosecution of the domestic terror war that we've seen since 9/11?

Not to mention the generation of potential jihadis created by our bombing and genocide in the middle east.

Do you really think we can kill your way out of this mess?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Painting the Painful Palin Picture

The 18th comment on:
"Day 21 & 22: There's justice after all folks!"- on
the brand-spanking new collaborative blog 'New Brunswickers Paint the Political Picture', where NB Taxpayer (from the right) and nbpolitico (from the centre) examine the 2008 Canadian federal election<...>

Winners: National Post columnist Janathan Kay and NB blogger Micheal Spinks for bringing the issue of Heather Mallick's column to light. Let's just say, their efforts prompted thousands of Canadians taxpayers to issue complaints to the CBC regarding Mallick's "hateful" and "shameful" attacks on Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.
Article Continues
Dan F Said:

You know that while you dudes were blogging away about the Palin comments, the United States turned a disturbing shade of socialist, don't you?


As a 'right-wing' blogger shouldn't you be discussing these sort of REAL ISSUES???

Canadian (neo)conservative bloggers must be living in the same lala land we watched the Americans thrash about in as their elections were corrupted, their treasure stolen and their good name destroyed.

Sarah Palin is only the latest sad political incarnation of the American disaster.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Against the 4th Reich in Canada

Dan F. said

If people could just see what their mistakes in the present will cost everyone in the future.

Then again, if we can watch Bush for 8 years destroying his 'homeland' then turn around and do the same to ours...

We'll truly deserves the lies and thievery we see running rampant in politics of all levels across this corrupt North American Union.

Prime ministers taking briefcases full of cash from weapons dealers - my god - what else can we expect to see?

Dion seduced by Russian agents and filmed not getting it up?

Harper getting caught doing pounds of blow with president Bush and that guy from the bare-naked ladies?

Layton caught sleeping with bin Laughing, in their shared Taliban hideout in Banff?

It's ridiculous - they're firing former reporters who talked about what happened on 911 and life-long weed activists; yet the big time crooks just lick their lips in anticipation.

It's as perverse an election on either side of the border as I can remember, and we're not even in October yet.

Dion is going to have to step it up if he wants to avoid having helped form a Canadian version of the 4th Reich, a pond-scum image of the one we see on the verge of total failure to our south.

Wise up Canada, while you still have some rights - our democracy is only a few steps away from being part of a global kleptocratic oligarchy - one in which your quality of life is fuel for the furnaces of infinite greed and lust for power.

For the neocon/religion cult members - not much that can be said now, I suppose - if you don't get that they're ALL lying to us at this point (neolibs included), it's probably too late.

It'll be 10 year from now, after the real impeachments and war crimes tribunals, when you'll be questioning how they fooled you for so long with voodoo mumbo-jumbo that had nothing to do with your present life or discernible future, let alone what happens after you make your way out of this non-theoretical world.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spinks & CG - NeoCon vs Troll?

The Censurer General Strikes Again.
Comments on

How would Afghanistan vote?

Spinks said...

My name is Michael Spinks, Dan F. As for which organizations, be more specific and I'll be happy to answer. After that I like to think you'll be satisifed but I doubt it.

8:19 AM

Dan F said:
Alright Michael, pleased to meet you... My name is Dan Fitzgerald, the same one I've been blogging with here for at least a year or so.

Not much point going over all my critiques of your (mostly mirror replica) of neocon philosophy.

I'm mainly interested now in seeing how closely, going forward, your arguments mimic the great neocon pigmen of our time. Don't misunderstand me - the neolibs are probably not a great distance away in slack-jawed complicity.

How long do you suppose until another false flag event hits the world news & gives the neocons down south back their fear juice?

Who will you be calling for the death or imprisonment of next? Probably not the bankers who pissed away your RRSP, eh? Most assuredly not the military 'leaders' who went into this situation 'blind' and are failing to win the pipeline war - they certainly failed in smashing 'al-Qaeda', as we were first told needed to be done.

You're going to have to work much harder to earn a non-partisan status, although I can understand why you'd want to at this time...

So yeah - I am a little bit satisfied, you revealed your true name and now Canada East gets a little better accountability in their news source.

(I don't have an existential problem with Irving Media, as long as people all know who, what where and why.)

Once we've chiseled away who for a while, we can work on, what (corporo-fascist disaster capitalists) and where (Bermuda?), to the point where the why hardly even makes a difference.

Why don't you explain it for me spinks, how do fiscal conservatives make the sudden mind-shift at Karl Rove's signal to become corporate communists?

This in the midst of an engineered economic collapse announced suddenly (meanwhile, we've all known that homeless shelters were getting busier for years, despite the "fundamentals of the economy being strong").

Food prices are doubling by the year, House prices are way inflated, a dollar don't buy much these days either... Can you really keep arguing for the economy that Bush / Martin / whoever instituted and let free to destroy North American economic viability?

I don't have a problem with profits over the long run, but not those which are quickly siphoned out of the system and only reintroduced when a court case needs to be fought or a politician needs to be bought.

Bermuda might be nice, but I don't see where 40 years of NB tax dollars absconding while de-industrialization, de-farming and de-individualizing our economy has done us much good.

I suppose it helps the big company in that they can terrorize the people into buying new boilers or restocking the banks with money at the first hint of 'recession'.

Best of luck getting you 10 thousand hits per month - I've never argued that you're personally profiting from any of this, just questioning why you keep backing it.

9:37 AM

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Letter to Keith Ashfield on neo-con blogger association

Submitted to keithashfield.ca contact
Dear Mr. Ashfield,

I'm not sure if you're an old-school conservative or one of these neo-cons that seem to be intent on destroying things.

But, if you'd like to distinguish yourself, I suggest you reconsider lending this website your name and image unless you want yourself so closely associated with this 'NB Tory Lady' person:


At some point, the Canadian government will need conservative representatives, ones with experiences such as your own. Unfortunately, and I suspect you must realize, the current Harperite incarnation is certainly something far different than conservatism.

Thank you for thoroughly considering your position and obligations to your true bosses - the people.

I must admit my old neighbourhood of New Maryland is certainly looking well; the sidewalk is a very nice addition.

NAU Pharmaceutical Benefits Management Co.

In response to: Building a better sandbox
David Campbell - September 22, 2008

I have been keeping an eye on Indiana over the past few years - particularly after they landed the largest pharmaceutical benefits management (PBM) project I have ever seen - the HQ of Medco and 1,600 high paying jobs.
Dan F said...

"pharmaceutical benefits management"

Ah - where you get to tell little old ladies they won't be getting their pills this week...

Sounds like fantastic work for New Brunswickers to be doing.

Seriously now, the government needs to concentrate on things it can do... Fixing power dams, keeping the roads free of Moose, getting rid of crap laws.

When you expect the government to go out and stimulate this junk into existance, we wind up with massive public debt and a few monopolies who can affort to not pay taxes and avoid proper oversight.

I've heard little good that came out of the whole call-center project, to date.

Small businesses, with strong ethical and transparent economic backgrounds might be good targets for state investment, but these multinational leaches are just eating away at our infrastructure and economic health.

End the madness, stop the NAU, bring back responsible government.

David Campbell said...

Ah, the young Bolshevik with a dream. Those leaches keep getting in the way.

Dan F said...
"Those leaches keep getting in the way"

Right - of each other - as they tumble from their bloodless host.

Onto a cushy, tax-payer funded, bail-out bed - who's the Bolshevik now, Comrade?
7:52 PM

Censurer General Political Cartoon #1

Submitted to Charles Leblanc's Political Cartoon Challenge.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Irving Train Station Revival

In comments to: Fix station or knock it down: Fredericton mayor
Derelict York station needs urgent repair

September 22, 2008 - CBC News
Danfour wrote:
I hate to break it to all the Irving sycophants here, but our mayor is being forced to plead with the scions of KC to do far less than would be demanded of a regular Frederictonian (we're not allowed to 'pay taxes' in Bermuda either).

Let your own house go this bad and see what the city'll do.

Irving bought this and other public resources at barrel-bottom prices and have removed them from any sort of beneficial use - for that, we need to see some contrition from their part on this one.

They've profited off the lack of rail roads now, even been selling the old rail ties in their newspapers for years, and now you want to just let them dump the oil-soaked carcass off on the taxpayer?

You must really be looking forward to an American style 'bail-out' of the Canadian banks.

If they're going to make good on their threats to leave New Brunswick, when they demanded that new boiler last winter, we'd better get moving on this thing.

Fix it or fine 'em for the necessary repairs.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Birth Control & Gayness on the Burton Front

In response to: The Shocking News The GREEN Crowd Will Ignore - Gay Gene Discovered in Water
Anselm Finnan - The Burton Front - September 20, 2008
Dan F said...

"environmental impact of sleeping around"

Wait just a minute here, I know you're talking about birth control pills but think about the larger implications of your premise.

A green fascist could argue right alongside you that with the many children born following the neo-conservative reprogramming of sexual education across the NAU, we're likely to see a lot more non-intended pregnancies.

Considering the potential environmental impact of this upcoming Harper youth generation, one could strongly argue that dramatic Chinese-like intervention should be made so that the environment does not bear the costs of pre-marital sex.

Fortunately, our Western civil freedoms go both ways; Sarah Palin can keep popping out grandsons and the arugula-eating liberals can keep going at it like bunnies with nary a night lost due to baby feedings.

I'm afraid you're just going to have to get used to your water-induced man breasts.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Armageddon of Sarah Palin's Dreams

In response to Spinks: How would Afghanistan vote?
"I am no military strategist by any stretch of the imagination so maybe I’m off base. <...> it is worth noting that since 9/11 there have been no terrorist attacks on North American soil"


Had 9/11 not been so psychologically effective, I think we would have seen other attacks from inside America's wayward base. Many fear the next big war will begin with another terror strike in the 'Homeland'.

Don't forget the US Military Anthrax sent by 'radical-muslims' to break up Congressional dissent against the pre-written Patriot-Act... Bush don't need to cow his congress anymore, but it sure helped then, eh?

Who are you again Spinks? What sort of background or experience do you have that ensures this blog isn't just another talking piece for a kleptocratic oil empire?

Does Irving send oil through Afghanistan?

P.S. I can't wait to see how you back the looming McCainite propaganda war over the Georgia/Russian tussle - a war backed in large part by BP, another crooked oil company.

My real question is - how many more US sponsorred death machines are you going to put your weight behind on the road to an Armageddon of Sarah Palin's dreams, Spinks?


Spinks said...

?!? Dan (C.G.) This is a blog based in Canada written by a Canadian, born and bred. I have no vote in U.S. elections.

...and my name is Mr. Spinks. I live in New Brunswick, am middle class, have a family, work for a living and pay taxes. Thanks for asking. Hopefully that satisfies your curiosity. Now you know more about me than I you. Cheers.


Update 1/3

Dan F said...

Well Mr. Spinks,

It'll be interesting to see how you're going to talk about the War on Terror without discussing the United States as the NAU elections loom.

Unfortunately, you've got a ready audience - already heavily propagandized - clicking through to your Bushevik ramblings not knowing who or what sort of dark philosophy they're getting themselves into.

Speaking of which, When are you going to start ramping up against 'Russian aggression' in Georgia again? McCain sure looks like he's going to need a boost soon.

P.S. The profile linked to this account contains as much direct info about my real identity as just about anyone I've seen blogging around these parts. Just admit you are and want to remain anonymous, I don't care.

P.P.S. Your 'middle classness' doesn't absolve you of anything, including throwing rocks at people, ideas and candidates from a perpetually masked perch.


Update 2/3

Blogger Dan F said...

I just still really can't believe Irving puts on two anonymous dudes, one of whom runs around bashing the spellings of otherwise coherent blog comments.

This is ridiculous - almost as laughable as the idea of freedom of the press in New Brunswick.

We've got cops throwing down and arresting bloggers for sport and you two morons get put in charge of (neo)conservative coverage in NB...

Where's the left in all this? Wall Street just showed us how capable Bushists are at ru(i)nning the economy.

What next? Put them in full command of Canada's military & we're going to see some troubled times, folks.

Sarah Palin wants to play Pattycake nukes with Russia over their newest Saddam & Harper wants to jump along right behind her.

Apocalyptic nutsos can't be given the moral responsibility of running a country.

Let them dance with snakes and speak their tongues in the warm safety of the local church, but don't try to bring back Jesus using my dime and other men's lives.

Hell - you (the neo-cons) had to lie about the reason to go in there in the first place... What good can possibly come of this unless we beg the Afghanis for forgiveness, maybe even bring them all back to Canada (any who want to come), and get the &*^% out of there.


Update 3/3

"File a complaint to CanadaEast then Dan."

Last time I checked Mr. Spinks, Canadaeast is not some gray agency accepting complaints about their performance from concerned citizens.

I just wish they weren't pushing this Christian-Right / Neo-Con version of democracy on their blogs.

"Thanks for your query."

Well, you're very welcome Mr. Spinks, but you didn't really answer any of my questions.

12:28 PM

Saturday, September 13, 2008

911 Truth on Maritime Morning

Response to “911 conspiracy fools
  1. Censurer General Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Well, my first two replies got censored, let’s give it a third and final try:

    If you honestly claim you’ve looked into this and come up with a coherent way to discount the following, I’d really like to hear it.

    1. Terrorist hijackers known and working with American military. Atta protected, operation Able Danger shutdown never discussed, official state of emergency in US continues.

    2. American air-defense system practicing drills of planes being hijacked on 9/11, still can’t catch anything with more than ample time, Pentagon fires non of it’s anti-aircraft missiles, Generals in charge quickly promoted.

    3. Financial backer of 9/11 hijackers (Pakistani ISI chief Mahmoud Ahmad) meets with top-level lawmakers including Joe Bidden, on 9/11 - nobody asks them why.

    4. Patriot act pre-written, quickly pushed through under emergency measures, Anthrax used to punish dissenting representatives, Cipro prescribed to White House insiders weeks in advance; the cover-up of this US Government Anthrax operation continues in full swing to this day, M$M appears baffled.

    5. BBC and others announce tower 7 collapse 20 minutes early on the evening of 9/11, their reporter’s satellite connection cuts out minutes before this 52-story building implodes violently at free-fall speed. 7 year investigation a total scientific whitewash, SEC files on Enron supposedly destroyed.

    6. Thermate residue found in vaporized dust of world trade centers analyzed by independent researchers. No tests for explosives ever conducted by responsible authorities, steel, concrete and bodies shipped for disposal in China, black box data digitally manipulated, plane identification never completed by NTSC, Fema turns ground zero into a clean-up operation upon retrieving Nova Scotia’s gold.

    7. Official commission is lied to, fought by government lawyers every step of the way, headed by know NeoCon war criminal Kissinger and PNAC devote and Condoliza Rice colleague Philip Zelikow. Zelikow later busted for clearing everything through Karl Rove.

    Now, I can respect it if you really believe the official story still, but I think you should know that when 90% of Pakistanis, 88% of Russians, 30% or so of Americans and 22% of Canadians think Bush co. did 911*, you’re going to have to do a far, far more convincing sell to keep this Bushevik propaganda afloat.

    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9/11_opinion_polls

  1. Censurer General Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    “Let’s look at that one, the one about explosives blowing up the towers. First of all, why?”

    Someone who would ask such an asinine question after 7+ years of Bush co. antics and murder should hand in his reporter card.

    The rest of your hit piece is similarly daft - unless this is an extremely sarcastic 911 truth support piece - it’s really nothing more than the ramblings he ascribes to the those in the truth movement.

    How long are you gonna play dumb - 911 was an inside job. if the media weren’t so corrupt this skulduggery wouldn’t have gone on nearly so long.

    Hell - BBC had advance warning of the tower 7 demolition - how do you explain that, smart guy?

    Hope you feel good propping up the US-corporate genocide in Iraq.

  1. Censurer General Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    P.S. How DARE you call these people fools?


    That man has a hell of a lot better right to demand investigation than you do to propel bushist cover up…

    But judging from your past comment moderation, you won’t mind when the crooked Harper government clamps down on what you’re allowed to say.

    Look at the American media - they can’t even tell their citizens that they’ve been under some shady state of emergency since 911 that gives Bush dictatorial powers, as legislated by Rumsfeld and Cheney.

    Have a great time, snuggling in bed with Nazi-like madmen. (Conspiracy theory quiz: Which great American family is known for funding Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and most recently Al-qaeda?)

    Here’s a clue: It ain’t britney spears - who gets more coverage than the people the US has systematically tortured - coincidence?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CG vs. Dan Quayle: Spinkonymous

Spinkonymous Comments
Anonymous wrote:
"I been saying for years,you couldn't buy a decent NB potatoe anywhere. They try to give them away."

Is that you, Dan Quayle?

This article just claims they've got too many:


Overproduction of potatoes ain't the worst thing in the world, now is it?

The McCains in this world need something to feed their debt slaves, don't they?


But if the quality sucks (which, I don't think it does), you'd better get the taste testers to work up at the Potato Research Center in Freddy.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Regarding Jackie Vautour on the CLB blog

The Bushists running NB's judiciary are too busy lernin' how to be big brother to worry about how total disregard for human rights looks to the public when it happens often enough.

Question is - how many people will they have to pepper spray in the face before we all regain our dignity?

If they were at all successful in their stated aims (in this case - the 'illegal' digging of clams vs. zero protecting of wild-life when uranium mines are left uncapped or Irving loses another ship).

Do the lawmakers understand the bald hypocrisy of their zero tolerance for anyone not wearing a uniform/sitting in parliament (or paying someone to be there)?

Then again, as our conservative leaders in waiting mailed us recently - if we let people sit around their house drinking beer instead of working for pennies in the prison complexes, where would our whole capitalist system go?

Here's a hint, gentlemen - any system built on the constant subjugation of a people (Natives, 'illegal' immigrants, drug-'war' victims, sub-$5 millionaires as per John McCain) - deserves to go to hell.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Taxis, Loans and Skater Bike Lanes

Canadaeast comments on Students breathe new life into Fredericton's economy
David S., Fredericton said:
"So they look at the students and they see the dollar sign. I hope most of their 'customers' are not on student loans."
Censurer General, Nijmegen
Shhh!!!! Don't question the fiat debt / credit system - you'll wake up communist and never pay those loans back, like the Americans.

About the taxis, though... The rest of their customers are mostly on one sort of loan or another, why shouldn't the students be too? You can either walk up the hill, getting your feet soaked in the cold, or hire a cab - it's the Canadian way.

Plus, you punk students get all those fancy mugs and bonuses when you sign up for a credit card - just sign up for three or four and you'll be 'all set' for taxi/booze money.

P.S. - Riding a bike would be a great alternative, if the city council would stop jerking around and get the skateboarding lanes in place.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

CS v. Spinks on Irving Central

Wednesday August 27, 2008
Spinks . - 7:05 PM ADT

Two years later, CBC continues to be inconsistent on comments

Aug. 26th, 2008 - Canadaeast.com - 1 Comment(s):
Worst post evar, Spinks; your fellow anonymous bloggers aren't stepping in to defend their 'rights'.

For all we know, anonymous posters (such as yourself) could be our feared enemies, the Taliban, Al-kay'duh, the Ruskies, what have you. Thus the state or Irving must take your name and location before any of your dangerous rhetoric hits the interwebs.

It's understandable after all, when you consider that we're 'living in a post-911 world' - the North American Union is in a cyberwar with God knows who and you're whining about censorship?

It's almost as if the terrorists had won.

So, put away the box cutters and register your user name properly, just as Irving should have had you do before they started carrying your partisan tripe on their blogger network.