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Saturday, September 13, 2008

911 Truth on Maritime Morning

Response to “911 conspiracy fools
  1. Censurer General Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Well, my first two replies got censored, let’s give it a third and final try:

    If you honestly claim you’ve looked into this and come up with a coherent way to discount the following, I’d really like to hear it.

    1. Terrorist hijackers known and working with American military. Atta protected, operation Able Danger shutdown never discussed, official state of emergency in US continues.

    2. American air-defense system practicing drills of planes being hijacked on 9/11, still can’t catch anything with more than ample time, Pentagon fires non of it’s anti-aircraft missiles, Generals in charge quickly promoted.

    3. Financial backer of 9/11 hijackers (Pakistani ISI chief Mahmoud Ahmad) meets with top-level lawmakers including Joe Bidden, on 9/11 - nobody asks them why.

    4. Patriot act pre-written, quickly pushed through under emergency measures, Anthrax used to punish dissenting representatives, Cipro prescribed to White House insiders weeks in advance; the cover-up of this US Government Anthrax operation continues in full swing to this day, M$M appears baffled.

    5. BBC and others announce tower 7 collapse 20 minutes early on the evening of 9/11, their reporter’s satellite connection cuts out minutes before this 52-story building implodes violently at free-fall speed. 7 year investigation a total scientific whitewash, SEC files on Enron supposedly destroyed.

    6. Thermate residue found in vaporized dust of world trade centers analyzed by independent researchers. No tests for explosives ever conducted by responsible authorities, steel, concrete and bodies shipped for disposal in China, black box data digitally manipulated, plane identification never completed by NTSC, Fema turns ground zero into a clean-up operation upon retrieving Nova Scotia’s gold.

    7. Official commission is lied to, fought by government lawyers every step of the way, headed by know NeoCon war criminal Kissinger and PNAC devote and Condoliza Rice colleague Philip Zelikow. Zelikow later busted for clearing everything through Karl Rove.

    Now, I can respect it if you really believe the official story still, but I think you should know that when 90% of Pakistanis, 88% of Russians, 30% or so of Americans and 22% of Canadians think Bush co. did 911*, you’re going to have to do a far, far more convincing sell to keep this Bushevik propaganda afloat.

    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9/11_opinion_polls

  1. Censurer General Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    “Let’s look at that one, the one about explosives blowing up the towers. First of all, why?”

    Someone who would ask such an asinine question after 7+ years of Bush co. antics and murder should hand in his reporter card.

    The rest of your hit piece is similarly daft - unless this is an extremely sarcastic 911 truth support piece - it’s really nothing more than the ramblings he ascribes to the those in the truth movement.

    How long are you gonna play dumb - 911 was an inside job. if the media weren’t so corrupt this skulduggery wouldn’t have gone on nearly so long.

    Hell - BBC had advance warning of the tower 7 demolition - how do you explain that, smart guy?

    Hope you feel good propping up the US-corporate genocide in Iraq.

  1. Censurer General Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    P.S. How DARE you call these people fools?


    That man has a hell of a lot better right to demand investigation than you do to propel bushist cover up…

    But judging from your past comment moderation, you won’t mind when the crooked Harper government clamps down on what you’re allowed to say.

    Look at the American media - they can’t even tell their citizens that they’ve been under some shady state of emergency since 911 that gives Bush dictatorial powers, as legislated by Rumsfeld and Cheney.

    Have a great time, snuggling in bed with Nazi-like madmen. (Conspiracy theory quiz: Which great American family is known for funding Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and most recently Al-qaeda?)

    Here’s a clue: It ain’t britney spears - who gets more coverage than the people the US has systematically tortured - coincidence?


Dan F said...

Monday, September 15, 2008
Andrew Krystal Silenced?

I picked up this column from Andrew Krystal in my aggregator this evening, but when I went to respond on his blog website - nothing. The column was gone, like it had never existed. And you have to figure it's down because someone made him take it down.

Overall, I think his major point - that CTV has a Conservative bias - is accurate. But I completely disagree when he says that local CTV newscaster Steve Murphy is objective. He should hear the howls of protest when Murphy takes a decidedly right-wing slant on the issues "around here."

Anyhow, for those who missed it - and I'm guessing that would be everybody - here's Andrew Krystal's full column, brough to you through the magic of RSS syndication:

Why CTV has sold its soul to the Conservative party
from Maritime Morning - Andrew Krystal by Andrew

Fox News is alive in well in Canada – it’s called CTV. And while I have the utmost respect for local reporters and the objectivity of Maritime CTV News Anchor Steve Murphy, the rest of the boys –and Jane Taber – in Ottawa and in Toronto are, figuratively speaking, bought and paid for by Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

One reporter, Robert Fife, in particular, is making Harper’s Christmas card list – and Stephen knows who’s naughty and nice.

Here’s the reason CTV has a pro-conservative bias: killing the CBC.

CTV would love it; they would be all over the CBC’s demise like a fat kid – or a political analyst — on a smarty. A majority Harper government would ensure a Harper jihad on the public broadcaster: selling it off, or turning it into a non-profit PBS, either of which would be non-competitive.

CTV execs simply steam and go into orgiastic fits of chewing-on-furniture apoplexy over the idea that they have to compete for ad revenues with the CBC.

The CTV execs also have a point.

Former CBC chair Patrick Watson has said to me many times that he feels the CBC has lost its way. Take, for example, the salacious nose-to-the-coffee-table series “Secret Lives of Hockey Wives”. The drug-strewn sex-fest was T&A at its finest/lowest. The fact that public money goes toward lowest-common-denominator titillation, is beyond me.

The CBC is missing its mark in not approaching the stories that are unique to this country — and ennobling — not exploitive girls-gone-wild TV with a hockey “overlay.”

There are many other examples of CBC’s own soul-less sell out: running U.S. movies, etc. But that is the point. By going after private sector money the CBC reduces the tax payer burden.

The predicament of the CBC, and where/what its “soul” is, its purpose, direction and so forth, is an ongoing debate; and that there should be a cultural revolution from above, decreed by Harper, shuts down an evolution that should be internal.

And in the calling out CTV for what they are, a network in the Conservative fold, it must be said that the CBC have, for many years, been complicit in abject Liberal bias. You’ve heard of red necks? Well, at the CBC, they are pink.

There is no question that there are very few Conservatives in the ranks of the CBC. The BMW socialists who make up the CBC ranks foam and fume over Harper’s financial cuts to the arts, and the fact that Harper feels that films like “Young People F___ing” shouldn’t receive public funding (and they shouldn’t.). If you want to make soft core, pay for it yourself.

Regarding the debate over censorship, the left wing arts community did socially Conservative Canadians a disservice by not engaging in a dialogue over censorship and public funding. The reason: the arts community is sickeningly sacrosanct and patronizing in the moral superiority of its amorality; just because the protagonist is a hooker on heroin, doesn’t make it art.

So, what did Stephen Harper do, what was his reaction to an outraged arts community to the question of censorship (hell, I can’t say the word “shit” on the radio, so censorship does exist, and it’s not too bad) well, he cut everything. Rather than get into a debate over social standards Harper said “F- you”, and pulled the plug on arts funding.

But the debate over the CBC, and the left-wing arts community, and bias in the media when it comes to political commentary and reporting, comes down to coming clean with viewers, and coming to terms with what your bias is.

CTV, Robert Fife, et al, want, in their heart of hearts, to see the Conservatives win this election. Just look at editorial decisions on CTV: in news order on the campaign trail they run a clip of Jack Layton ahead of Dion — despite the fact that Dion is the opposition leader.

CTV needs to come clean and admit it is Canada’s FOX News in the same way Wolf Blitzer and the rest of CNN should admit to their lack of impartiality and openly embrace their editorially flagrant fellatio of the Democrats.

And we all know about the CBC.

David Raymond Amos said...

I just read Stevey Boy Downes's blog about Andy Baby Krystal's blog about the malice of CTV going "Poof" I laughed and just had to add my two bits worth to the circus for what it is worth in the hopes of seeing a high diving act of sorts and watching Downes' blog go "Poof" as well.

It is a fact that Kyrstal first came on the air just as I was running for a seat in the 39th Parliament. Everybody knows he banned me from his talkshow after I had emabarassed him a couple times. However Stevey Boy Downes had already banished me from his blog months before that. What Stevey Boy Downes fails to admit is that he blogs on government time and our dime. He works for the National Research Council checking out the Internet of all things. Stockwell Day gave them a fat check not too long ago to keep up the good work and help the cops while his other governemntal associates were protesting and suing Kelly Lamrock about his French Immersion plans in "The Place to BE".

Confused yet Danny Boy?

There is more.

It appears that everybody but me forgot that Dereck Burney, Mulroney's right hand man was the dude who picked Harper's first Cabinet in 2006 when he was the Chairman of the Board of NB Power and Bernie Lord was in charge of the purported "Place to BE" and I was talking about it all to Kyrstal's associate Tom Young just before he banished me from his talkshow as well

Not all that long ago Derek Burney was a big cheese in CTV and now he holds down the fort a Canwest. As I said many times the same dudes run the show they just move around tis all.

Downes pointing the finger at the missing blog of Kyrstal's is merely a case of the government employee stewing in the pot calling the corporate kook in the kettle black. They are both on the same stove and it is the Prime Minister ONLY that can turn the heat if they act or speak out of line.

Andy Baby Krystal often declares on his talkshow that it is the last bastion of democracy. How can that be when such a malevolent fool as he controls the button on the public airwaves?

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

David Raymond Amos said...

For the record many of your New Brunswick blogger buddies such as Chucky Leblanc's and Spinksey baby's and Burton Front to name but a few about me have gone "Poof" over the years and only you, the Independent and the Gypsy have maintained your Integrity and recognized Free Speech thus far.

However I must say I feel righeous being a blogger "Person Non Grata" so to speak when most of the the other bloggers are merely sneaky spin doctors.

Here is a fine example of a minor blogger spit and chew just before the Irvings caused Chucky and I to lose our blogs (and three emails accounts of mine) around the time you burst upon the blogger scene Danny Boy.


Veritas Vincit
David Raymond amos