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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Against the 4th Reich in Canada

Dan F. said

If people could just see what their mistakes in the present will cost everyone in the future.

Then again, if we can watch Bush for 8 years destroying his 'homeland' then turn around and do the same to ours...

We'll truly deserves the lies and thievery we see running rampant in politics of all levels across this corrupt North American Union.

Prime ministers taking briefcases full of cash from weapons dealers - my god - what else can we expect to see?

Dion seduced by Russian agents and filmed not getting it up?

Harper getting caught doing pounds of blow with president Bush and that guy from the bare-naked ladies?

Layton caught sleeping with bin Laughing, in their shared Taliban hideout in Banff?

It's ridiculous - they're firing former reporters who talked about what happened on 911 and life-long weed activists; yet the big time crooks just lick their lips in anticipation.

It's as perverse an election on either side of the border as I can remember, and we're not even in October yet.

Dion is going to have to step it up if he wants to avoid having helped form a Canadian version of the 4th Reich, a pond-scum image of the one we see on the verge of total failure to our south.

Wise up Canada, while you still have some rights - our democracy is only a few steps away from being part of a global kleptocratic oligarchy - one in which your quality of life is fuel for the furnaces of infinite greed and lust for power.

For the neocon/religion cult members - not much that can be said now, I suppose - if you don't get that they're ALL lying to us at this point (neolibs included), it's probably too late.

It'll be 10 year from now, after the real impeachments and war crimes tribunals, when you'll be questioning how they fooled you for so long with voodoo mumbo-jumbo that had nothing to do with your present life or discernible future, let alone what happens after you make your way out of this non-theoretical world.

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