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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Armageddon of Sarah Palin's Dreams

In response to Spinks: How would Afghanistan vote?
"I am no military strategist by any stretch of the imagination so maybe I’m off base. <...> it is worth noting that since 9/11 there have been no terrorist attacks on North American soil"


Had 9/11 not been so psychologically effective, I think we would have seen other attacks from inside America's wayward base. Many fear the next big war will begin with another terror strike in the 'Homeland'.

Don't forget the US Military Anthrax sent by 'radical-muslims' to break up Congressional dissent against the pre-written Patriot-Act... Bush don't need to cow his congress anymore, but it sure helped then, eh?

Who are you again Spinks? What sort of background or experience do you have that ensures this blog isn't just another talking piece for a kleptocratic oil empire?

Does Irving send oil through Afghanistan?

P.S. I can't wait to see how you back the looming McCainite propaganda war over the Georgia/Russian tussle - a war backed in large part by BP, another crooked oil company.

My real question is - how many more US sponsorred death machines are you going to put your weight behind on the road to an Armageddon of Sarah Palin's dreams, Spinks?


Spinks said...

?!? Dan (C.G.) This is a blog based in Canada written by a Canadian, born and bred. I have no vote in U.S. elections.

...and my name is Mr. Spinks. I live in New Brunswick, am middle class, have a family, work for a living and pay taxes. Thanks for asking. Hopefully that satisfies your curiosity. Now you know more about me than I you. Cheers.


Update 1/3

Dan F said...

Well Mr. Spinks,

It'll be interesting to see how you're going to talk about the War on Terror without discussing the United States as the NAU elections loom.

Unfortunately, you've got a ready audience - already heavily propagandized - clicking through to your Bushevik ramblings not knowing who or what sort of dark philosophy they're getting themselves into.

Speaking of which, When are you going to start ramping up against 'Russian aggression' in Georgia again? McCain sure looks like he's going to need a boost soon.

P.S. The profile linked to this account contains as much direct info about my real identity as just about anyone I've seen blogging around these parts. Just admit you are and want to remain anonymous, I don't care.

P.P.S. Your 'middle classness' doesn't absolve you of anything, including throwing rocks at people, ideas and candidates from a perpetually masked perch.


Update 2/3

Blogger Dan F said...

I just still really can't believe Irving puts on two anonymous dudes, one of whom runs around bashing the spellings of otherwise coherent blog comments.

This is ridiculous - almost as laughable as the idea of freedom of the press in New Brunswick.

We've got cops throwing down and arresting bloggers for sport and you two morons get put in charge of (neo)conservative coverage in NB...

Where's the left in all this? Wall Street just showed us how capable Bushists are at ru(i)nning the economy.

What next? Put them in full command of Canada's military & we're going to see some troubled times, folks.

Sarah Palin wants to play Pattycake nukes with Russia over their newest Saddam & Harper wants to jump along right behind her.

Apocalyptic nutsos can't be given the moral responsibility of running a country.

Let them dance with snakes and speak their tongues in the warm safety of the local church, but don't try to bring back Jesus using my dime and other men's lives.

Hell - you (the neo-cons) had to lie about the reason to go in there in the first place... What good can possibly come of this unless we beg the Afghanis for forgiveness, maybe even bring them all back to Canada (any who want to come), and get the &*^% out of there.


Update 3/3

"File a complaint to CanadaEast then Dan."

Last time I checked Mr. Spinks, Canadaeast is not some gray agency accepting complaints about their performance from concerned citizens.

I just wish they weren't pushing this Christian-Right / Neo-Con version of democracy on their blogs.

"Thanks for your query."

Well, you're very welcome Mr. Spinks, but you didn't really answer any of my questions.

12:28 PM

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