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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Birth Control & Gayness on the Burton Front

In response to: The Shocking News The GREEN Crowd Will Ignore - Gay Gene Discovered in Water
Anselm Finnan - The Burton Front - September 20, 2008
Dan F said...

"environmental impact of sleeping around"

Wait just a minute here, I know you're talking about birth control pills but think about the larger implications of your premise.

A green fascist could argue right alongside you that with the many children born following the neo-conservative reprogramming of sexual education across the NAU, we're likely to see a lot more non-intended pregnancies.

Considering the potential environmental impact of this upcoming Harper youth generation, one could strongly argue that dramatic Chinese-like intervention should be made so that the environment does not bear the costs of pre-marital sex.

Fortunately, our Western civil freedoms go both ways; Sarah Palin can keep popping out grandsons and the arugula-eating liberals can keep going at it like bunnies with nary a night lost due to baby feedings.

I'm afraid you're just going to have to get used to your water-induced man breasts.

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