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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Irving Train Station Revival

In comments to: Fix station or knock it down: Fredericton mayor
Derelict York station needs urgent repair

September 22, 2008 - CBC News
Danfour wrote:
I hate to break it to all the Irving sycophants here, but our mayor is being forced to plead with the scions of KC to do far less than would be demanded of a regular Frederictonian (we're not allowed to 'pay taxes' in Bermuda either).

Let your own house go this bad and see what the city'll do.

Irving bought this and other public resources at barrel-bottom prices and have removed them from any sort of beneficial use - for that, we need to see some contrition from their part on this one.

They've profited off the lack of rail roads now, even been selling the old rail ties in their newspapers for years, and now you want to just let them dump the oil-soaked carcass off on the taxpayer?

You must really be looking forward to an American style 'bail-out' of the Canadian banks.

If they're going to make good on their threats to leave New Brunswick, when they demanded that new boiler last winter, we'd better get moving on this thing.

Fix it or fine 'em for the necessary repairs.

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