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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Painting the Painful Palin Picture

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"Day 21 & 22: There's justice after all folks!"- on
the brand-spanking new collaborative blog 'New Brunswickers Paint the Political Picture', where NB Taxpayer (from the right) and nbpolitico (from the centre) examine the 2008 Canadian federal election<...>

Winners: National Post columnist Janathan Kay and NB blogger Micheal Spinks for bringing the issue of Heather Mallick's column to light. Let's just say, their efforts prompted thousands of Canadians taxpayers to issue complaints to the CBC regarding Mallick's "hateful" and "shameful" attacks on Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.
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Dan F Said:

You know that while you dudes were blogging away about the Palin comments, the United States turned a disturbing shade of socialist, don't you?


As a 'right-wing' blogger shouldn't you be discussing these sort of REAL ISSUES???

Canadian (neo)conservative bloggers must be living in the same lala land we watched the Americans thrash about in as their elections were corrupted, their treasure stolen and their good name destroyed.

Sarah Palin is only the latest sad political incarnation of the American disaster.


Dan F said...

Fred said...

"As a 'right-wing' blogger shouldn't you be discussing these sort of REAL ISSUES???"

Gee, Dan, what we're discussing are real issues to us ... but I can understand how, from the European perspective, you might see things differently. LOL
Anonymous said...

Dan likes to defend undemocratic-fascist-religious-regimes from the comfort of his free democratic home.

Said definition of a hypocrite or as we like to call it "a canary in the mindshaft of freedom."


Dan F said...

How would my comment be any more or less true if I posted it from one of the third-world dictatorships the US and Canada were propping up?

If I was blogging this from Haiti during a food riot as the latest kleptocracy was being instated, would it be any more accurate?

It is this sort of idiotic nationalistic thinking that got us into this War on Terror mess in the first place.

Talk about how we've killed, injured and displaced millions of people in the middle-east and still haven't 'caught' bin-laden?

Of course not - not when we can just stare at Sarah Palin's breasts, let ourselves be soothed by her false talking-points and then demand that anyone who dares to criticize her be fired.

Nice democracy you're 'protecting' there guys.

Dan F said...

fred said...

Gee, Danny, I hadn't thought of Sarah's breasts until now. Been fixating on them have ya? You should get out more bud. LOL
Dan F said...

I wasn't the only one, Fred:

Venus de Wassila

They didn't exactly nominate her for her religious tolerance now, did they?

Dan F said...
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