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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spinks & CG - NeoCon vs Troll?

The Censurer General Strikes Again.
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How would Afghanistan vote?

Spinks said...

My name is Michael Spinks, Dan F. As for which organizations, be more specific and I'll be happy to answer. After that I like to think you'll be satisifed but I doubt it.

8:19 AM

Dan F said:
Alright Michael, pleased to meet you... My name is Dan Fitzgerald, the same one I've been blogging with here for at least a year or so.

Not much point going over all my critiques of your (mostly mirror replica) of neocon philosophy.

I'm mainly interested now in seeing how closely, going forward, your arguments mimic the great neocon pigmen of our time. Don't misunderstand me - the neolibs are probably not a great distance away in slack-jawed complicity.

How long do you suppose until another false flag event hits the world news & gives the neocons down south back their fear juice?

Who will you be calling for the death or imprisonment of next? Probably not the bankers who pissed away your RRSP, eh? Most assuredly not the military 'leaders' who went into this situation 'blind' and are failing to win the pipeline war - they certainly failed in smashing 'al-Qaeda', as we were first told needed to be done.

You're going to have to work much harder to earn a non-partisan status, although I can understand why you'd want to at this time...

So yeah - I am a little bit satisfied, you revealed your true name and now Canada East gets a little better accountability in their news source.

(I don't have an existential problem with Irving Media, as long as people all know who, what where and why.)

Once we've chiseled away who for a while, we can work on, what (corporo-fascist disaster capitalists) and where (Bermuda?), to the point where the why hardly even makes a difference.

Why don't you explain it for me spinks, how do fiscal conservatives make the sudden mind-shift at Karl Rove's signal to become corporate communists?

This in the midst of an engineered economic collapse announced suddenly (meanwhile, we've all known that homeless shelters were getting busier for years, despite the "fundamentals of the economy being strong").

Food prices are doubling by the year, House prices are way inflated, a dollar don't buy much these days either... Can you really keep arguing for the economy that Bush / Martin / whoever instituted and let free to destroy North American economic viability?

I don't have a problem with profits over the long run, but not those which are quickly siphoned out of the system and only reintroduced when a court case needs to be fought or a politician needs to be bought.

Bermuda might be nice, but I don't see where 40 years of NB tax dollars absconding while de-industrialization, de-farming and de-individualizing our economy has done us much good.

I suppose it helps the big company in that they can terrorize the people into buying new boilers or restocking the banks with money at the first hint of 'recession'.

Best of luck getting you 10 thousand hits per month - I've never argued that you're personally profiting from any of this, just questioning why you keep backing it.

9:37 AM

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David Raymond Amos said...

Mikey Baby Spinks???

Methinks NOT

One of Kieth Ashfield's many Neo Con arselickers???

Methinks it is obvious but I am somewhat distracted by a nagging question. Howcome you pick my brain about such things Danny Boy when both you and your blogger hero Chucky Leblanc professed that you dudes are no fans of mine???