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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Taxis, Loans and Skater Bike Lanes

Canadaeast comments on Students breathe new life into Fredericton's economy
David S., Fredericton said:
"So they look at the students and they see the dollar sign. I hope most of their 'customers' are not on student loans."
Censurer General, Nijmegen
Shhh!!!! Don't question the fiat debt / credit system - you'll wake up communist and never pay those loans back, like the Americans.

About the taxis, though... The rest of their customers are mostly on one sort of loan or another, why shouldn't the students be too? You can either walk up the hill, getting your feet soaked in the cold, or hire a cab - it's the Canadian way.

Plus, you punk students get all those fancy mugs and bonuses when you sign up for a credit card - just sign up for three or four and you'll be 'all set' for taxi/booze money.

P.S. - Riding a bike would be a great alternative, if the city council would stop jerking around and get the skateboarding lanes in place.

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