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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Harpervilles and WW-III on NB's political picture

Comments On: New Brunswickers Paint the Political Picture

Dan F said:
Tough times?

The Canadian housing bubble, such as it is, hasn't even popped yet...

But you're right - it won't be too long now until the Harpervilles start popping up in greater numbers (see Irving coverage of the Harperville in Fredericton, down by the river).

The title of "Great" should be reserved until long after a politician leaves office; God knows Stephen's buddy George still plans to be remembered in the textbooks as a Churchillian figure.

I'd say it'll be a close run between Brian "bribe me with briefcases full of cash" Mulroney and Steve "The Economist" Harper for worst Canadian PM of the post WW-II era.

Whether he and his backers get their WW-III is up to Canadians at the polls this Autumn.

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