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Thursday, November 20, 2008

911 Truth Redux & New Braunschweig Blogging

In response to Jody Coughlin's blog 'Conspiracy'
I watched this HBO thing last night (actually I watched it twice yesterday). Conspiracy. It was a film about the chat (meeting) held in secrecy about what to do about the Jewish Question. Around the table sat men in power, discussing how to "evacuate" the Jews in Europe.

It was a fascinating thing to behold. Scary how men's minds can easily be corrupted by hatred and an absolute blood lust. Scary is an understatement.

Article Continues
Censurer General wrote:

If you're watching a movie about conspiracy theories on a Main$tream network these days, chances are you're getting as much spin (lies) as fact.

Regarding WWII, you just have to investigate the situation with German Ford plants cranking out weapons untouched while the adjacent towns were turned to rubble to know something is not right with the official story.

Throw in the long list of Western companies that continued to do business with the Germans throughout the war (investigate Prescott Bush and the revelations of Smedley Buttler for but a brief glimpse of the duplicity) and we're talking a mostly successfull, Orwellian disinfo campaign perpetrated on both 'Allied' and 'Axis' populations following the conclusion of that conflict.

Here's an overview of large-scale Corporate treasure during WWII:


I can't vouch for it all - but it meshes fairly well with what we've learned about the origins and goals of the current War of Terror.

( If you're unaware of 9/11 truth, Loose Change provides a relatively brief synopsis http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3719259008768610598 )

I'm not particularly optimistic for 'change' in the near future either, at least not in a good direction - but the rapid dissemination of this info via the internet has taken a firm hold on the global psyche - to the point where 911 truth skeptics are beginning to outnumber Bushite / fluoride zombies in certain affected cities and countries:


That the corporate media continues to come up with 'experts' more interested in debating straw men arguments than our physicists and architects also speaks volumes.

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