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Monday, November 17, 2008

Irving Media's false-choice fallacy on funding higher education


In response to Living in Interesting Time's Nov 17th Editorial:

Editorial in today’s Gleaner argues that that the provincial government needs to look at proposals from student groups for caps on student debt (though it’s not clear how such a scheme would, as the editorial board writes, “target those who need help the most”). The piece then goes on:
Some will argue that university tuition should be free and no one should have to get a student loan to get an education, but that is nothing more than fanciful thinking that will never be viable, particularly not for a province like New Brunswick.

To make university and college free would dramatically increase student enrollment, but many of them would be there because they could, not because they should be or want to be. What an administrative nightmare, not to mention an equally chaotic housing issue for students who quit by Thanksgiving or Christmas. It would be a colossal waste of money.

Post-secondary education cannot be free.

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Censurer General Says:
Simple solution to Irving media’s false choice fallacy - you make the free tuition (and partial grants for housing) contingent on finishing the program successfully.

Students in the Netherlands not only get free tuition and grants for living expenses, but free train passes (the Irvings have already destroyed that option, and soon any reminder thereof with their abandonment of the transtation - after selling of anything of value, including the old rail-way ties).

Why would Irving support free tuition? They’ve got plenty of tax-free money stashed away in Bermuda to cover their children’s expenses, and apparently an increasing demand for financially-strapped fiat debt-slave workers.

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