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Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Braunschweig Green Shirts Continued

[CLB-Modified PIC]
Interesting point!!! Why not? First go for the big fish???
Afterwards, they go after the little guy.
More future raids to come in Canada????

Thanks for my blogging my picture Charles - I did it kind of on the run - so the photoshopping isn't very good..

Here's a link to the original post: http://qslspolitics.blogspot.com/2008/11/green-shirts-begin-with-irving-raid.html

Personaly, I just want to have the right to be incensed when Granma gets tasered for trying to turn up the heat in her retirement 'home' cell. It doesn't seem right to do that if I ignore these uncivil actions by a government whose leaders are apparently trying their best to pretent uninvolvement with the Bermudans' crimes.

Fascism is a quirky thing - you can't expect it to be so obvious or straight forward. My questions was - what better way to bring it in but against the most hated company in Atlantica?

I'm just wondering who these new enviro-cops will hit up next, and unless its another Irving co. enterprise, military testing 'range' or a private faction of the power 'company' being stolen out from under us, I'll have major doubts as to their ultimate goals.

Just wait and see if you like - we'll be getting plenty of new policies ginned up by the same dudes who handed over cash to the banksters the first minute their perfect storm of a credit 'crisis' was unveiled.

They've already built a shiny new exchange in Montreal to sell fake carbon credits to deal with 'climate change' (formerly known as global warming).

You can bet the new 'special' family courts in New Braunschweig will be put to accelerated use as the patronage judges come online and the fiat debt slaves continue to lose what little in terms of economic security this Walmart-branded world has afforded.

When we're talking SPCA efficiency for a good chunk of the human population (a position most probably still scoff at), Irvings soon to be drawn-out court case over green liquor will seem utterly useless for anyone in the long run but lawyers, bankers and power-trip fiends.

Maybe a few more salmon will make it upriver each year due to toxin decreases but with a cracking dam still blocking the way - the net result will most likely be meaningless for the hungry mouths of the upcoming depression.

Remember, there are plenty of rivers in China or Russia who would be more than happy to take Irving's filth - and there are plenty of cops they could use on raiding pulp mills to stop it.

Sort of makes you wonder why Irving International doesn't make good on their threats to pull up stakes from the maritmes entirely. The brothers need to renounce their Canadian citizenships before they can fully inherit old KC's stuff anyway, right?

Maybe its because a police force that is willing to do swat-team raids with the specious rationale of stopping last-minute destruction of memos from a long-admitted incident is also more willing to raid a business that conflicts with party-member cronies (if Irving had any competition, they should be anticipating similar, if not worse treatment, as political favors are called in and the bagmen get to work).

Building this sort of state agency indicates that you are both willing to cross the line of normal civility, that you expect the people on the other side to do the same and that you plan on using the force for more than a few petty raids in the long term.

Like the war on drugs, public acceptance is gained by raiding a few big fish that have somehow fallen afoul of the system or its 'leadership'. Once the stranglehold is in place, police are shifted to operations meant to keep prices high, rather than shutting down or mitigating the use of truly dangerous substances.

To assume the rise of eco-coppers is a good 'change' for humanity ignores all the evidence from history regarding totalitarianism that we'd be advised to remember.

For instance, the government that took Germany into WWII were very big on environmentalism (and anti-smoking).

What should really gall us about this particular incident is that there are plenty of lawyers in government who should have been able to handle this without the whole black mask and machine gun routine, had they gone through the proper, decent and honest advocacy and defense of our communal rights and resources, as we (not their sponsers) enpowered them to do from the get-go.

Until honesty and not just made-for-tv forthrightness takes over from the kleptocratic system we've got in place, no NB or Federal agency can be trusted with the sort of power they've written themselves into laws that prove time and again their own disfunction.

Let them write a law that works to begin with first, not pile mounts of new macho B$ (raids, more courts, more cops) on top of an aleady jiggered, injust, and maldirected regulation practices.

Trading in Federal / International tyrants over local ones makes as much non-monetary sense right now as buying trinkets from Walmart, rather than your local artisan this winter.

I am very curious to see how NB media's takes on Irving Whale 2.0 intellectually:


On the hyper-cynical end, What makes anybody think the new green-labeled Irving isn't squarely behind our masked crusaders for plankton justice?

Who was the biggest Ducks 'unlimited' sponsor again?

70 thousand litres of diesel and their attorney's retainers aren't much to install the kind of system needed to maintain 'order' during our engineered fiat debt breakdown.

While it is early to tell what a broken populace will do once math catches up with their wallets.

Luckily, all the oil we've dumped so far hasn't wiped the fat, greasy smiles off lobster loving 'capitalists' faces - I wonder how they got so resilient (the lobsters and the Businessmen)?

Offshoring of money was apparently the ticket last time around, but I wonder if KC's offspring aren't getting hammered with as much difficulty during the Bankster heists of 2008...

Who knows - if they come begging for a better boiler this winter again, I suggest we listen to them as fellow human beings who would be wise to maintain integrity (hey - Bermudans are people too), rather than masses of fluoride zombie, games loving fools waiting for the next idol to fall.

Until the eco-cops start telling the truth about global cooling, their raids should be fiercely monitored for partisan extremism and usefulness.

i.e. raid within a few days of a disaster, not months after the fact. Turning this into a weirdo fishing expedition indicates to me higher forces are at work, whose relationship with the Irvings remains much more than murky.

If the Irvings would just fess up, tell us what they're doing and who they've bought up as part of the empire (i.e. Braunschweig Nieuws) and let market forces take things over (i.e. people's inherent love of honesty and reason) - there wouldn't be concern over the global shift towards economic lies and systematic fascism.

When was the last time you heard of a company reforming itself after harsh police action?

More and more they fall to the egos and political necessities of minutia politics - I don't like guns and raids for anyone, let alone the biggest employer in Atlantica.

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