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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Environmentalism

In response to comments on Charles Leblanc's Friends of the Woodlot are denied request to make a presentation at Fredericton Council!!!
On Environmentalism
Censurer General
Nov 26, 2008

As long as Nieuw Braunschweig citizens are more concerned about the hockey scores than what they're putting in their bodies (and permanently releasing into the environment) - nothing will happen. Fluoride zombies don't mind living in toxic waste zones!

That our children and grand-children will inherit the spoils of a lost, hyper-consumerist society via birth defect and increased disease is now more than certain. All this talk of new childhood disease of such mysterious origins when we knowingly truck the poisons into our box stores and sell them at whatever inflated price the bloated people will expend - look at BPA in the plastic drinking bottles - as if the effects weren't known.

We've been laughing at the Chinese feeding their children Melanine - as if we're acting any better, leaving uncapped uranium drill sites around - companies dumping straight into the river behind their paid-for shill politicians backs.

Whether the fake green movements now working with our newly bailed-out banksters to set up fake carbon credit schemes up in Montreal beat out the grass roots, honest-to-goodness environmental activists that tackle local issues on a proactive level is yet to be seen.

I wish Mr D'Arcy the best, he's certainly got his work cut out for him.

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