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Saturday, December 20, 2008

On Retroactive Neo-Liberal Pay Packages in Nieuwe Braunschweig

Charles Leblanc - December 19, 2008

This is a very sad story and New Brunswickers can't do a single thing about it!!

The date was April 29th!!! <...> The media and New Brunswickers were focusing on the Flood. <...> Mike Murphy and all the MLA'S in the Legislature stayed in the Chambers to pass a hick of 6 Millions bucks for their pension!!!
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Censurer General said...

They spent as much on a golf course last summer (correct me if I´m wrong, too lazy to double check figure right now), way more on some bank - what would have given them the idea they couldn´t get away with this?

Until more debt-slaves take their eyes firmly off the hockey game and miscellaneous nonsense (can you say Olympics 2010, Kanadians?), our ´leaders´ can keep the ship headed straight out into the ocean of tyranny and rape by inflation.

CBC has done a decent job, but really - Nieuwe Braunschweigers have as much themselves to blame for meekly accepting Irving Nieuws´ coverage and coverup of their and others´ devious and endlessly questionable activities.

That we´ve accepted unethical behaviour in the biggest players (from briefcash ´o cash Mulroney to K.C. ´I´ll pay my taxes in Bermuda´ Irving) makes it innevitable that the lesser players would want to get involved, and would have no idea how to go about accomplishing it inconspicuously.

The low standards of the voting populace may actually backfire on the individuals who voted for this and other measures, when the overt inequity and unprecedented greed becomes clear.

The predictable consequences of these sorts of measures repeated has also led to a situation (bankster breakdowns, billionaire bailouts) that may possibly provide the ´stimulus´ to get joe-six-pack back into action, politically speaking.

I wouldn´t want to be a NB neo-lib candidate running in the next election... Oh, now we now why they need the pension boost.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Iraqi Shoe Throwers vs. NAU M$M's Credibility

Responses to Andrew Krystal's Maritime Morning - Throw your shoes at the “Big Three”

  1. Censurer General Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    You turn your fellow reporter’s righteous act followed by torture and probable lengnthy imprisonment into a baseline and fundamentally wrong support of the attack on the workers of Detroit by corrupt union executives, kleptocrats and ^&*(ing bull&()$ fiat confidence men over the last 3 decades or more?

    Sometimes, the buildup of lies by omission by Main $tream Media - or outright ones in the case of Georgia/Others vs Russia last summer make me question the waste of press freedom that becomes apparent every time an obvious and likely preventable disaster next creates a kleptocratic bonanza.

    The Iraqi shoe thrower has more credibility in one now-mangled finger than 94% of NAU main-stream media.

The End of Neo-Con Christo-Corporo Fascism

I normally don't post straight-up articles here on CG - but I had to get this into my mis-informed fellow Nieuwe Braunschweig blogger over at Burton Front's brain while sparing the readers of QSLS Politics of the constant religious bull$hittery.

Anselm - this one's going out to you!

- Dan F.

America Needs a New Religion: Let’s Pick a Pantheon!
By John Dolan - December 2008

Now that services have ended at the First National Church of Crawford, Texas, it’s clear America needs a new religion. Not to nitpick, but it could be argued that rule by the most loudly born-again or, as scholars call it, Screechocracy, was not a success.

That’s not to say we can hope for an improvement by veering leftward, into one or another version of softcore Buddhism, as recovering Christians tend to do. Let’s face it: Buddhism has some nice statues and incense, but it’s no fun at all. Indeed, adopting that most dismally mature of religions means giving up forever on the idea of getting any fun out of existence. That’s the whole message of Buddhism.

And a fun pantheon is what America wants right now, to get everyone’s mind off that Visa envelope sitting like an anthrax package on the hall table. That’s why it’s time to drop the whole grim monotheism narrative and go back to polytheism—because if you want fun, you need a bigger, wackier cast of characters. When Bill Murray said, in Groundhog Day, “I’m A God; I’m not THE God,” he was on the right track. We need to stop fooling with the singular, upper-case God and shop for a nice set of lower-case gods. And goddesses, because the first benefit of polytheism is, as they say, diversity.

Luckily, the one thing the monstrous corpse-dump of human history has generated in profusion is weird, interesting gods. We may as well recycle the bastards, because they’re already paid for in blood, ignorance and misery. We’ll never know how many goats, birthmark-free children, twins, clubfeet, cattle, slaves, prisoners and other surplus beings have been killed in their names, but you can be sure it’s a number big enough to ensure some good old Lord of the Flies creepiness to any god-gang you choose. They’ll do the job. It’s just a matter of picking the right crew. So here is a quick survey of some enticing, unemployed, desirable pantheons, with quick summaries of their strong points and defects as future objects of urban worship:
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Conspiracy Denial & the Christo-Fascist Right

In response to the Burton Front's "Hmmmm: Mental Illness + Conspiracy Theories = ?"
Dan F wrote:

You can call anyone who disagrees with your fake Christian views mentally ill or a drug addict to your hearts content - just as you like to call all Muslims evil.

However, I'd be worried for your own sanity over the next few years as you'll have to digest (or conspicuously ignore) all the evidence of corruption and lawlessness that has occurred on and since 9/11.

Your on-again off-again blind acceptance followed by raging hatred of mainline media must already require a great deal of mental dissociation in maintaining a consistent world view.

To believe that one political party or country is entirely virtuous while another is pure evil (despite consistent reports that nobody is quite as innocent as they claim to be) is a clear sign of at least of too much credulity, if not the same defects you attribute to the growing 9/11 truth and international peace movements.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Andrew Krystal & Terrorism, the Next Phase

In response to “Terrorism, the next phase
– America must also integrate its police agencies in a unified manner in the U.S. and totally re-organize its mobilization of resources and communication unencumbered by State lines. Right now it is a cluster “mess” — an assortment of groups working individually and at cross-purposes.

General Howard has more to say. He will join me again. And judging by the quality of men like General Howard and General Patraeaus, I would place my money on Uncle Sam.

God Bless America.

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Censurer General Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
December 11th, 2008 at 4:56 am

To address the last point, about eliminating state lines for ‘police agencies’ (which, as of a couple of months ago, officially includes 20,000+ Northcom soldiers):

What point is there to ‘integrating’ all the NAU police / military departments just to give some autocrat at the top a switch to turn on or off at the flick of a switch?

Ask General Howard how North American air defenses were turned off on 9/11 and why this has never been investigated? The one plane that was shot down that day came about not because of an integrated system, but because one pilot refused to go along with the stand-down orders and followed practical military procedures.

Advocating that a heirarchical, centralized system is better able to respond to threats in the future both denigrates the local responders / officials and sets us up for more unchallenged false-flag terrorism in the future.

I’d rather have local police departments in charge, one whose potential corruption is limited to petty ammounts of fiat currency, rather than global genocidal and corporo-fascist agendas as we have seen in the early years of the 21st century.

Monday, December 8, 2008

CG vs. the Mad Ape: on Debt Slave Emancipation

In response to: Tatumba 2.0 Unleashed - The Mad Ape

The New ‘New World Order’

You will notice that I have changed the color scheme of the blog. I am now living in a new world. One without color. One that has lost its way. Its focus. I am here to help you cope…even thrive.
Where Does All of the New Bailout Money Come From?

Ask yourself where this paper money comes from. Don’t you think that is a valid question? After all, globally, trillions of dollars of government bailout money has already been spent or is in the process of being spent.

Knowing where it comes from is important. Knowing how this huge influx of new money will personally affect you is more important. You see the government generates this money out of thin air. Whether by printing the paper or creating as an electronic transfer, the effect is the same. Dilution of the currency. With dilution of currency comes inflation because your dollar weakens as the supply increases. The more of something existing means the less the value.

So How Can You Protect Yourself? Your Rich Dad Knows!

I want you to spend the next 26 minutes watching the video presentation by the Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. I can not explain it any better. If this does not inspire you to prepare for the inevitable, then you are living in a dream world that will turn into a nightmare.

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Dan Four wrote: I liked the blue color - but change can be nice too.

Right now though, I can’t get the image of fluoride zombies walking around with their hands out begging every time I see/hear that word ‘change’.

Your worries about the economy are not a mistake - what steps can really be taken by your average debt slave once his house is devalued and his mass-market groceries go up even more in price is another story.

The NWO didn’t design this ‘economic crisis’ to be avoidable for most, we’ve either got to throw them off or get ready to stand in the government bread/inoculation lines.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Drug War Hero guards Atlantican White-House

In response to:
What's those medals on Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Bussieres suit anyway??? Is one of them for catching Former Premier Richard Hatfield with marijuana???

Charles Leblanc's Other Blog
December 1st, 2008

I noticed the medals last week when I was taking pictures at the New Brunswick Legislature.

I guess Dan Bussieres < Former R.C.M.P. officer > found the Marijuana in Richard Hatfield suitcase.
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Censurer General wrote:

Good Lord.

Nothing more fun than a police force with 'secrets' to tell - I'm looking forward to watching the real protests on your youtube this winter, Charles.

The Drug War was and is a total fraud; when army generals run the drug companies making trillions on hugely fraudulent science and a marketplace monopoly, you know a culture is being defrauded.

Now, with the bankster takeover of '08, perhaps people will wise up? The ones not getting paid under the coming austerity measures won't have much choice, eh?

Furthermore, the Bush-II Terror Wars were such an easy sell (how many are still fooled?) once 'citizens' learned to rally around their Bushite/Clintonian neo-'lib/con', military/corporate/religious fascist con men leaders at the drop of a false-flag, scientifically engineered crisis.

Booze before WWII, Drugs, Islam - what next will the profiteers need this lapdog to enforce in the name of 'order'? When they allow drug dogs to roam the high-school halls for weed (while usage is way down) while our troops defend the Afghan heroin network and huge proportions of the children are taking speed by prescription, you know something is deadly wrong - not just misguided.

When the politicians have angered the people this much (and more to come!!!) - they should save our money and stay home - maybe the cold will help them come to terms with the fact that totalitarianism will never win - this particular battle is getting rather old, though.