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Monday, December 1, 2008

Drug War Hero guards Atlantican White-House

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What's those medals on Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Bussieres suit anyway??? Is one of them for catching Former Premier Richard Hatfield with marijuana???

Charles Leblanc's Other Blog
December 1st, 2008

I noticed the medals last week when I was taking pictures at the New Brunswick Legislature.

I guess Dan Bussieres < Former R.C.M.P. officer > found the Marijuana in Richard Hatfield suitcase.
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Censurer General wrote:

Good Lord.

Nothing more fun than a police force with 'secrets' to tell - I'm looking forward to watching the real protests on your youtube this winter, Charles.

The Drug War was and is a total fraud; when army generals run the drug companies making trillions on hugely fraudulent science and a marketplace monopoly, you know a culture is being defrauded.

Now, with the bankster takeover of '08, perhaps people will wise up? The ones not getting paid under the coming austerity measures won't have much choice, eh?

Furthermore, the Bush-II Terror Wars were such an easy sell (how many are still fooled?) once 'citizens' learned to rally around their Bushite/Clintonian neo-'lib/con', military/corporate/religious fascist con men leaders at the drop of a false-flag, scientifically engineered crisis.

Booze before WWII, Drugs, Islam - what next will the profiteers need this lapdog to enforce in the name of 'order'? When they allow drug dogs to roam the high-school halls for weed (while usage is way down) while our troops defend the Afghan heroin network and huge proportions of the children are taking speed by prescription, you know something is deadly wrong - not just misguided.

When the politicians have angered the people this much (and more to come!!!) - they should save our money and stay home - maybe the cold will help them come to terms with the fact that totalitarianism will never win - this particular battle is getting rather old, though.

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