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Monday, December 8, 2008

CG vs. the Mad Ape: on Debt Slave Emancipation

In response to: Tatumba 2.0 Unleashed - The Mad Ape

The New ‘New World Order’

You will notice that I have changed the color scheme of the blog. I am now living in a new world. One without color. One that has lost its way. Its focus. I am here to help you cope…even thrive.
Where Does All of the New Bailout Money Come From?

Ask yourself where this paper money comes from. Don’t you think that is a valid question? After all, globally, trillions of dollars of government bailout money has already been spent or is in the process of being spent.

Knowing where it comes from is important. Knowing how this huge influx of new money will personally affect you is more important. You see the government generates this money out of thin air. Whether by printing the paper or creating as an electronic transfer, the effect is the same. Dilution of the currency. With dilution of currency comes inflation because your dollar weakens as the supply increases. The more of something existing means the less the value.

So How Can You Protect Yourself? Your Rich Dad Knows!

I want you to spend the next 26 minutes watching the video presentation by the Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. I can not explain it any better. If this does not inspire you to prepare for the inevitable, then you are living in a dream world that will turn into a nightmare.

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Dan Four wrote: I liked the blue color - but change can be nice too.

Right now though, I can’t get the image of fluoride zombies walking around with their hands out begging every time I see/hear that word ‘change’.

Your worries about the economy are not a mistake - what steps can really be taken by your average debt slave once his house is devalued and his mass-market groceries go up even more in price is another story.

The NWO didn’t design this ‘economic crisis’ to be avoidable for most, we’ve either got to throw them off or get ready to stand in the government bread/inoculation lines.

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