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Monday, December 15, 2008

Conspiracy Denial & the Christo-Fascist Right

In response to the Burton Front's "Hmmmm: Mental Illness + Conspiracy Theories = ?"
Dan F wrote:

You can call anyone who disagrees with your fake Christian views mentally ill or a drug addict to your hearts content - just as you like to call all Muslims evil.

However, I'd be worried for your own sanity over the next few years as you'll have to digest (or conspicuously ignore) all the evidence of corruption and lawlessness that has occurred on and since 9/11.

Your on-again off-again blind acceptance followed by raging hatred of mainline media must already require a great deal of mental dissociation in maintaining a consistent world view.

To believe that one political party or country is entirely virtuous while another is pure evil (despite consistent reports that nobody is quite as innocent as they claim to be) is a clear sign of at least of too much credulity, if not the same defects you attribute to the growing 9/11 truth and international peace movements.

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