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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maritime Morning - Bankster Coverup Artist

Taliban Jack on Kanada's 2009 Budget:

In responses to “The $64-billion question
Andrew Krystal - Rogers Radio Internet
January 27th, 2008

You wanted deficit financing and he gave it to you. It’s going to be interesting to see what Liberal finance critic Scott Brison has to say about it tomorrow.

The issue of Harper spending too much during his tenure is now a moot point. Everyone is spending. Furthermore, the fact that Harper blew the Liberal contingency fund, the rainy day cash that we now need and cut the GST, doesn’t matter anymore. We would still be going into deficit.


And a lot of what occurs in Ottawa is “shovel ready.” It has been since 1867. We are used to it.

The fact that the Conservatives under Harper have these wild swings and ideological oscillations (income trusts, the Senate, budget deficits, etc.) makes me wonder what they are, who they are, and what they stand for.

For their part, the Liberals, as a centrist party, have always “borrowed” (stolen) ideas from the NDP and the Conservatives. In Canada, this is considered integrity.

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1. Censurer General Says: (comment is awaiting moderation)

You forgot about the 75 billion for the banks.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spinking about Bermudan Propaganda Failures

In response to "Seems Ivan Court was on to something about bias at the Telegraph Journal"
Michael Spinks - Spink About it (CanadaEast blog)
January 6, 2009
When I heard this morning that Saint John Mayor Ivan Court had cancelled his Telegraph Journal subscription and was now refusing to do interviews with anyone from the T.J. short of debating publisher Jamie Irving, my first thought was here’s another politician upset about media coverage and choosing to shoot the messenger.

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Dan F said:
Why do you keep referring to the 'T.J.' as if it is a separate entity from it's parent organization, Irving Inc., of Bermuda?

Of course a monopoly media empire run by outsiders, who just happen to own everything else in the province is not going to be impartial in their reporting.

The situation with commercial newspapers in New Brunswick seems a lot like the dismantling of CN rail: Irving destroys the most natural obstacle to total domination, whether it be transportation or information - total control seems to be the objective, wrapped in the false cloak of environmentalism and green logos.

Now that they've practically got things in hand, will the people wake up and smell the sulfur? Judging by the number of anti-LNG signs I saw around the province last summer, Mr. Court is not the only gadfly our Bermudan overlords are having difficulties swatting.

P.S. Spinks, this half-hearted attempt to distance yourself philosophically from the CanadaEast conglomerate, while amusing to watch, will be as futile as Irving Inc.'s information war against non-shill politicians.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dan F vs. Matt S on Gazan Genocide

In response to 'matts' in comments on Palestinians Deprived of Leisure.
Damn Swanny, if you had put half the effort into hockey as you did into compiling that reading list we'd have won provincials

Censurer General

Hey Matts:

Maybe if you weren't so busy trying to hoe the middle ground, you'd have to take a moral stance - it might do you some good.

I don't know where the golden mean would be on these terror wars - certainly you don't support the Palestinians getting a turn bombing Canadian hospitals with F-16s, do you?

Look - the UN calls this a war crime, whomever doesn't agree with that and refuses to review their position has taken a fundamentally immoral stance, in my opinion.

I'm certain that fluoride and CNN have a lot to do with it, but that doesn't make amends for taking wanton pleasure in ones ignorance.

Perhaps in time that will change for some, but until then, kids and UN workers will be spilling the blood for us all.

Oops, the UN just pulled out, I guess this one rests with the diminishing next generation of Gazans. In my book, that's genocide.

To repeatedly suggest that I must somehow prefer the ethnic roles were reversed here is of the most cowardly and darstardly behaviors I've ever seen on this particular site.

Nevertheless, I am prepared to keep it civil here unless further comments need to be harshly rebutted.

10:29 AM


Monday, January 5, 2009

Mercurial Vaccines, Floride and Methyl Psychiatry

In response to Has Thimerosal Actually Been Removed From Vaccines? If Not, Of What Value Are the Epidemiological Studies?
Harold L Doherty - Autism in NB - January 4th, 2008

Are the epidemiological studies relied upon by public authorities to refute assertions that the mercury based vaccine preservative thimerosal is responsible for some or all autism cases reliable?
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Dan F said...

The mercury is still there. Like aspartame in pop and fluoride in (some people's) water, once too many people get it, it's hard to take out without direct proof - too many people would need to assume liability, risk loses (financial, to the egos of experts) to expect institutional problem solving on this and other questionable substances that have been essentially forced on the general public (see derivatives and the myths of our financial bubbles for non-medical examples).

The absolute paucity of good evidence showing the safety of these older product for neurotoxicity should have alone been a major red flag, especially when being administered to vulnerable populations.

Whether it causes autism or not, let's stop injecting mercury and other proven-harmful substances into young children's blood streams as soon as possible.

Maybe before it gets banned for and more tightly controlled for environmental reasons (although that would be nice too)?

Unfortunately, our institutions and industries seem to care more about rivers and ponds these days than young children's brains (unless it's to sell them the aspartame drinks, fluoride and methyl medications, or anything else we don't need).


I'm not arguing that vaccinations or modern-day child psychiatry are 100% wrong, or evil - but the practices that go unquestioned due to prior fraud and current duplicity can never be successfully built upon in a positive manner until they are fully vetted and honestly retested in the bright light of day.

And even then, science may not provide the miracles we've been raised to expect.

Heck - the Chinese had 'scientists' looking out for their milk supply too - it wasn't the scientific method that lead to the dumping of industrial plastic into baby formula.

It sure wasn't university research or well-funded research labs that led to it being removed.