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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spinking about Bermudan Propaganda Failures

In response to "Seems Ivan Court was on to something about bias at the Telegraph Journal"
Michael Spinks - Spink About it (CanadaEast blog)
January 6, 2009
When I heard this morning that Saint John Mayor Ivan Court had cancelled his Telegraph Journal subscription and was now refusing to do interviews with anyone from the T.J. short of debating publisher Jamie Irving, my first thought was here’s another politician upset about media coverage and choosing to shoot the messenger.

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Dan F said:
Why do you keep referring to the 'T.J.' as if it is a separate entity from it's parent organization, Irving Inc., of Bermuda?

Of course a monopoly media empire run by outsiders, who just happen to own everything else in the province is not going to be impartial in their reporting.

The situation with commercial newspapers in New Brunswick seems a lot like the dismantling of CN rail: Irving destroys the most natural obstacle to total domination, whether it be transportation or information - total control seems to be the objective, wrapped in the false cloak of environmentalism and green logos.

Now that they've practically got things in hand, will the people wake up and smell the sulfur? Judging by the number of anti-LNG signs I saw around the province last summer, Mr. Court is not the only gadfly our Bermudan overlords are having difficulties swatting.

P.S. Spinks, this half-hearted attempt to distance yourself philosophically from the CanadaEast conglomerate, while amusing to watch, will be as futile as Irving Inc.'s information war against non-shill politicians.

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