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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Censure and Censorship on the David W Campbell blog

In comments on the David W. Campbell blog:
Back in black… so to speak
April 21st, 2009
In response to Anonymous:
“be polite and respectful, or you get the hell out.”

How quaint, and how 1960’s. The musings of someone who has been vilified the most, for his biased unfounded weird views, would want censorship. We know that.

You neglect to mention what started this? Besides the ongoing simmering of posters who post with inaccurate information and who get set straight by my ability with google aided by the number of books I have read. Well believe me, when someone accuses you,out of the blue, for what I already mention several times slipping in one ear and out the other like the numb sensitive bunch you always been, you won’t like it too good. But I knew what this guy was like when I first hit this blog. Someone so without it that even mckenna left him behind.

Well the die been cast, by specious innuendos, by someone to cowardly to retract so I will step up my insults to anyone who tries to post bull, when the correct information is easily accessible.
Again, your opinion, or vote has no value, when there can be no action to take. Again its because your knowledge of computers and internet is as limited as any other subject you venture into. I am just thankful that I am not in that category.

Dan Fitzgerald wrote:
Sounds like a lot of nothing about nothing.

I enjoy commenting on Charles' blog because he's got about a dozen topics per day and a fairly active readership.

Mr. Campbell's obvious yet seemingly unconscious corporate lackey spin makes commenting on his posts pretty tempting... Had his policy on comments been more lenient back in the day (see links), I might have been commenting more here, the above rhetoric by the anonymous coward is way less cogent and much more degrading than what I was saying here:


When did you stop censoring?

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