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Friday, September 18, 2009

Bermudan train station turns into liquor store

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Historic N.B. train station gets new lease on life as a liquor store
Anonymous - The Canadian Press
September 18th, 2009

FREDERICTON - The New Brunswick government says Fredericton's York Street train station will become a liquor store, ending years of controversy about the future of the building.

The vacant and run-down structure was placed on the Heritage Canada Foundation's list of the 10 most threatened heritage sites in the country in 2006.
The building sits on land owned by J.D. Irving Ltd., and its exterior will be restored by the company.
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Daniel Fitzgerald, Nijmegen wrote:

Way to go Irving, foist another one of your 'liabilities' onto the taxpayer.

Selling the railway ties for years in your propaganda rags, no coverage of the rapidly disintegrating historical monument - making untold millions on gassing up the truckers who took over the freight.

Now in order to not let the former crack-den / fire-trap fall to the ground, we've got to move our most profitable industry under your control?

That Nieuwe Braunschweiggers will cheer as the biggest public menace finally clears up its mess (on our dollar, in effect) is a tribute to the continued success of big-buck, corporate-controlled media.

It's pretty impressive how these Bermudans continue to get away with it.

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