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Monday, September 21, 2009

Kleptocracy 101 and Bermudan Puppets

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Democracy 101 - First Topic!
Kelly Lamrock
September 21st, 2009

Tax Cuts vs. Social Spending
The biggest challenge in any budget is making sure that people see their priorities are reflected when they look at a budget’s priorities. This isn’t always easy, because there is no one priority everyone agrees upon.
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Dan F said...

"Is it more important to reduce taxes, or ask people to pay for social spending?"

How about asking the biggest company in the picture province to pitch in?

At least don't fold to every demand the Bermudans make and splash out the public financing - mill upgrades, liquor stores put in their dilapidated buildings, constant advertising in their propaganda rags - if they're not going to be contributing anything*.

At least don't make it so obvious or ridiculous when favored companies are given the taxpayer's hard-earned money (loan guarantees to build bridges to nowhere, bank / golf-course bailouts) - and whatever you do, don't vote yourselves massive pension hikes during the middle of a giant flood when the legislature cameras are out...

* Other than secret financing and backing during elections and political constant interference after the vote.

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