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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NB Kleptocracy and NB Power Emergency Measures

Video Source: Charles Leblanc
In response to "N.B. unveils new emergency fuel supplement" - CBC News Oct 7, 2009
danfour wrote:
We borrow money to feed a bloated and corrupt 'crown corporation' whose controllers seem less like the people and more like the dukes and kings of old?

Where does NB Power get off charging the rates they do giving the CEO huge, retroactive bonuses while Pt. Lepreau sits idle for an extra 18 months?

Oh right - these 'hands off' crown corps (and Private-Public Piracy) just take their cues from the kleptocrats of both parties - voting themselves massive pension hikes in the middle of a giant flood with the leg. cameras turned off.

A government that votes in the dark will soon leave its citizens in the same condition.