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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Alternatives to NB Power Theft on the Mysterious East

What’s the alternative?
Philip Lee - The Mysterious East
November 11, 2009

David Campbell explores the alternatives
to the NB Power to Hydro Quebec sale. This seems to me to be a key question: if we are going to reject the deal with Hydro Quebec, what is the alternative? Is there a better deal out there? Or is this an opportunity that we better not pass up?
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Dan Fitzgerald wrote:
The alternative is for the party who ran on a 'we won't sell NB power' platform to call a new election and let democracy work.

The alternative, as excruciating as it may seem for Irving bloggers and Twittering frantics, is NOT TO SELL the power corporation to another province.

If Quebec is willing to go into hock to buy the thing up - it's gotta be worth more than they're paying. The result of the buyout will certainly be detrimental to our infrastructure (hint: they're buying it so we can't do a deal with NFLD).

What kind of a government would try to pull this obviously crooked deal in the midst of a world-wide crisis?

Oh yeah - the kind who doubles their own pensions in the middle of a flood, with the cameras off. NB media are either all owned or blocked (see Charles Leblanc) to keep this and other charades going.

Luckily the public are not swayed by the lies anymore - and no multimillion advertising blitz is likely to change things - call it the rice-and-beans / political skepticism phenomenon, and I for one welcome it back not a minute too soon.


Dan F said...


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on November 12, 2009 at 5:58 PM | Reply Dan Fitzgerald
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I signed my name on this comment – what’s up with not posting it?


I’ve been following this blog for some time – back when the Irvings fired one of your students and thought it was hard-hitting and poignant initially.

Going into this power debate though – it seems like more of a kleptocratic cheering section – why shouldn’t the people have a say about all this?

Why don’t you explain why you think it’s a good deal, rather than play up faults in the initial counterarguments?

For 5 billion dollars, you’d think it was worth a little debate.

Dan F said...



I think we should have a debate, and I am in the process of trying to educate myself and understand this story. A debate involves listening to all sides. Working on that now…

on November 13, 2009 at 5:43 AM | Reply Dan Fitzgerald

Since when does the media listen to all sides of a robbery? I don’t remember many jailhouse interviews with the latest rapist explaining why he thought he had to do what he did.

This is a simple case of political duplicity, crony-ism and overt kleptocracy – you’d think after so many years at it, any NB news watcher or reporter would see the pattern.

That all of the mainstream NB media goes along with it is not shocking – with the overarching Bermudan support of it all – but that an professor of journalism isn’t able to detect and report rationally on the thievery is pretty worrisome.

Come on – seeing a dozen shady stories come out of NB power since the engineered crisis and ‘bailout’ frenzy must have raised a red flag, for instance:

1. Power CEO getting bonuses as costs go into overdrive and people freeze to death.

2. Cracking dam neglected and ignored for years, older infrastructure left to rot.

3. Irving drops point lepreau turbine in ocean, years of delay announced while we pay double the bill for power.

With the engineered destruction and sell-off of this essential resource, are we really going to listen to what Mr. Toll-information-highway-cum-millionaire bankster has to say about things? That they had to pull out the big guns – Bilderberg McKenna himself – proves the public are getting wise, even if the shill media remain compliant.

In the end though, this shuffle towards total New World Order debt slavery will be a pitiful read for future historians – if they only have access to what the corporate newsprint had to say.